Art Toy of the Week – Uamou & Boo

I have been collecting designer toys since 2004 and this is my weekly column.  I also have other interests (I am for example the Curator of the Breyer Horses and Warne’s Observer’s Pocket Books and generally am known to add anything cute to my collection).


This week’s art toy of the week is a duo, Uamou & Boo by Ayako Takagi. Ayako’s Uamou character is a cute little alien guy two horn-like ears, Boo is his little ghost friend. Ayako has produced these characters in a number of forms and sizes over the years, but here I’ll focus on her most popular, the pint sized 3″ tall Uamou and the even tinier Boo which can sit alongside him or balance on one horn on his head.

Uamou & Boo by Ayako Takagi

When it comes to variants, there’s no shortage with new ones coming out all the time. The traditional figures are plain white, but Ayako has released them in every colour under the sun, glow in the dark, glittery, clear with little treasures inside. You can really build a gloriously colourful Uamou army! We are far from listing every variant on HDB, but we’re working on it. As well as all the other different Uamous, including “Lucky Cat” figures and giant figures.  We will get there!

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