My Top-10: Classic Center in Australia’s Favorite Mercedes-Benz Model Cars

Dev Kuruppu is an expert model car collector with a particular eye for Mercedes-Benz Miniatures. The founder of the Classic Center in Australia, today Dev shares 10 of his favorite Mercedes-Benz models from more than two decades of collecting.

Over to you, Dev!

I acquired my first Mercedes-Benz, a W123 200, in 2000 and became a member of the Mercedes-Benz Club in the same year.

My first purchase of a model car happened in 2001, which was a 1:18 scale W188 300S Convertible by Maisto. It served as an ornament, between the rear windscreen and rear seats of my W123.

I found an article about Mercedes-Benz Modellauto-Club (MBMC) in 2002 and became a member in 2003.

I exclusively collect Mercedes-Benz die-cast model cars and all the other kinds of Mercedes-Benz memorabilia as a hobby. I prefer to collect large scale model cars such as 1:8, 1:12, 1:18 and 1:24 even though it takes more space than HO scale models.

My passion for Mercedes-Benz Miniatures led me to create my own website Classic Center Australia to share the joy of my collection and experiences with like-minded collectors in Australia and around the world.


Classic Center’s Top-10 Mercedes-Benz


10. This model was released in 2003 to mark 50th anniversary of Ponton (1953-2003)
Series: W 120 I – 180 D
Part No: B6 604 0357
Scale: 1:18
Colour: Pearl Green
Pieces: 2,500
Manufacturer: Revell

9. The Gullwing
Series: W 198 I – 300 SL
Part No: 450671000
Scale: 1:12
Colour: Silver
Pieces: 500
Manufacturer: Schuco


8. Released at Mercedes-Benz Museum to mark 75th Anniversary of Silver Arrows (1934 – 2009)
Series: W 25
Scale: 1:43
Colour: Silver
Pieces: 75
Manufacturer: Tin Wizard, Germany



7. This 600 Landaulet model precented to those who completed continuous membership of 25 years at MBMC in 2011
Series: W 100
Scale: 1:87
Colour: Black
Manufacturer: Brekina


6. Special edition made under the supervision of Mr. Roland Rittmann of MBMC
Series: 300 SLS (W 198)
Scale: 1:43
Colour: Silver
Pieces: 100
Manufacturer: Tin Wizard, Germany


5. This Pullman model was released in 2006 to mark 40th anniversary
Series: W 100 – 600
Part No: B6 604 5742
Scale: 1:18
Colour: Dark Blue
Pieces: 1,000
Manufacturer: Sun Star

4. My very first On-line order model in 2002
Series: W 189 – 300 D
Part No: B6 604 0331
Scale: 1:24
Colour: Cream
Pieces: 500
Manufacturer: CMC


3. Daimler Riding Car
Series: Daimler Riding Car
Part No: B6 604 0231
Scale: 1:8
Colour: Brown
Manufacturer: Franklin Mint



2. The Birth of an Automobile. Replica of the Benz Patent Motor Car
Series: Benz Patent Motor Car
Part No: B6 604 0047
Scale: 1:8
Colour: Black/Gold
Manufacturer: Franklin Mint


1. Series: W 188 I – 300 S Convertible
Part No: B6 604 0015
Scale: 1:18
Colour: Black
Manufacturer: Maisto


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