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Nick Symes is looking to document every cereal toy ever in a mission that is part of a complete breakfast. Better known as cerealmad, the founder of cerealoffers and the cerealmad Youtube channel, Nick is a toy guru who is now bringing his expertise and hundreds of cereal toy collectibles to hobbyDB. Check out his recent additions to the hobbyDB database here!

Nick took some time recently to chat with us about his passion for collecting cereal toys. 

Over to you, Nick!

So who remembers the joy of opening a box of breakfast cereal as a kid and the excitement to see what the free gift was, hoping to complete a set? Little did I know that this would then turn into a hobby and passion for the past 30 years.

The brilliant thing about cereal promotions is that they cover such a broad range of topics that collectors of certain themes – be it vehicles, model kits, animated characters, soft toys, etc. – will probably have examples in their collections.

It also is also great for those who love nostalgia and memories of their youth. I am now focusing on documenting these offers for future generations, predominantly here on hobbyDB and on my YouTube channel cerealmad, which also includes a lot of the original TV commercial (so please check it out).

Give one a look here –

YouTube player


I have just started on hobbyDB.

I am kicking things off with a range of sets from over the years with the Cornflakes Atomic Submarines being the first plastic gift issued free in 1957, through to some of the more recent offers (before the main brands discontinued free gifts). “Chicken Run” is a nice example of these following the recent release of the second film.

The external links include more details of each offer and also in a lot of cases the original TV commercials that appeared at the time.

And don’t forget….breakfast is the most important meal of the day!!!


Thanks, Nick!  He plans to add around 3,000 promotions, each one including many premiums to hobbyDB.  If you want to get involved in this or many of our other projects reach out via our Help page.

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