hobbyDB App: Most Scanned Funko Pop! Figures in March

Target Con ’24 continues to be the event that keeps giving as this year’s Funko exclusives from the big, red retailer remain among the most popular Pop! figures from the month of March. We take a look at the Most-Scanned Funko Pop! figures from last month by users of the hobbyDB App.

The App and its barcode scanning tech allows collectors to easily add items, perform quick, in-store research and lots more, including access to the hobbyDB Retail Network where you can locally find collectibles tailored to your interests.

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Top-10 Most Scanned in March


10. Kong with Mechanical Arm (TargetCon)



9. Nagato (Glow in the Dark) (GameStop)



8. Mickey & Minnie Mouse (Plane Crazy) (D23)



7. Susamaru


6. Shad0w & Super Shadow (GameStop)



5. Eddie (Blacklight) (TargetCon)



4. Steph Curry (TargetCon)



3. Luffy Gear Five



2. Elmo on Trike (TargetCon)



1. Shadow & Amy (Flocked)



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