Up! Up! And Away! Superman Action Comics #1 Sells For Record $6 Million

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…gavel coming down hard on a new record-setting auction sale for Action Comics #1!

The Man of Steel flexed his superhero dominance with a Heritage Auction lot that closed on March 4 with a hefty $6 million payout…the most ever for a comic book.

That’s a price that would make even Clark Kent blush.

Action Comics #1 was originally published in the spring of 1938 and features the debut of Superman. And while Kal-El survived his first battle against Corrupt War-Backing Lobbyist (thank Zod that villain names have vastly improved over the years), it’s estimated that as few as 100 Action Comics #1’s remain in existence.

The record-setting Action Comics #1 hails from the Kansas City Pedigree collection and has a CGC grade of 8.5, making it among the top-3 graded Superman first appearances of all-time.

The record $6 million sale surpassed a private sale in 2022 that is believed to have fetched $5.3 million for Action Comics #1.

Congratulations to the new owner! If this is you…you can add it to your hobbyDB Collection here!

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1 month ago

Wow!!! That is an iconic cover!

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