Did You Own It? Hot Wheels Service Center and City Playset

The kids of the early 80s knew there was only one true way to keep their Hot Wheels finely tuned up and raring to go.

That was courtesy of the Hot Wheels Service Center and City Playset and they were a staple among young diecast fans…and even modern day collectors.

Released in 1979 as part of Hot Wheels Sto & Go series, the sets were approximately 25 inches in length, 9 inches wide and doubled as their own handy carrying cases.

Although it didn’t arrive with any Hot Wheels, the sets held up to 15 cars (more if you wanted to get creative). The cars that you did use were in for a treat.

City Playset

Among its working features was a car elevator and a dynamometer tune-up tester, as well as a gas pump island and car wash with real foam rollers.

Of course, there was the giant ramp that rang a bell when a car arrived for service at the bottom of the track. From there, cars could spend time in Mike’s Transmissions or Larry’s Garage, which we like to think is a nod to legendary Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood. See more from Larry on hobbyDB.

All of this was beautifully decorated with close to 50 vintage stickers.

Give it a look via this sweet unboxing video –

YouTube player


So we want to know! Did you own a Hot Wheels City Playset or Service Center? Do you still own one? Tell us in the comments below!

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1 month ago

Man, I coulda used one of those!!! 🙂

1 month ago

I had one that had a construction site at the top.

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