Vinyl Collectible Gurus Tenacious Toys Brings Official Archive to hobbyDB

hobbyDB is welcoming Tenacious Toys as its next great Official Archive! Just like hobbyDB, Tenacious Toys loves to promote the emerging artists, creators and collectors that make up the community. So when it came to creating an Official Tenacious Toys Archive, the answer was a no-brainer for apt co-founder Benny Kline (he already was a Squad Member before this).

Tenacious Toys is a hub for all things vinyl collectibles and beyond. It’s a place where artists can showcase their work with pieces that are as unique as they are exclusive from artists across the globe.

And now you’ll find them on hobbyDB as an Official Archive!

Tenacious Toys, the Beginning

Tenacious Toys got its unexpected start one day on a shelf in the aisle of a New York City store while Benny and his wife-to-be Steph were out scouring the Big Apple for odd collectibles. The year was 2004 and the discovery of an 8-inch Tim Biskup Qee wasn’t just a must-have item…it was the introduction to designer toys and a game changer. A year after discovering designer toys – or, “Urban Vinyl,” as Benny and Steph used to call them – Tenacious Toys began rolling out collectibles of their own.  They got their first big break at New York Toy Fair and from there, the modest eBay business took off on a 20-year journey with a case of Green Eggsters directly from Sket One as their first wholesale purchase of vinyl art toys.


Now the company has its own site and also offers items for sale here on hobbyDB!  Today, Tenacious Toys is created as a source to works of artists and designers looking to make it on a highly competitive scene. While spreading as many beautiful handcrafted resin sculptures as they can.  Here is Benny’s 2 minute introduction into the world of Art Toys  –

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Today, in addition to being the preferred home to thousands of vinyl art toy collectors throughout the world, Tenacious Toys is also a hub for emerging artists, a place to showcase the works of creators looking to make it in a highly competitive scene.  While also spreading as many beautiful handcrafted resin sculptures as they can.

Tenacious Toys on hobbyDB

With a hobbyDB Official Archive, fans and collectors can build and track the value of their Art Toys collections in real-time and find those elusive past exclusives TT did! All while resting assured that the info is current and accurate, including new releases.

Ready to give Tenacious Toy a look? Click here to see more!

Do you have a favorite Tenacious Toys artist? Tell us in the comments below!

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