My Top 10 European police car models in 1/64 scale

Frits is a Model Car Coordinator on hobbyDB and a collector of 3-inch police & fire cars, Dutch police & fire cars in scales 1/87 to 1/43, trucks/trailers & cranes of Dutch companies in 1/87 scale. And many more… Too much to list.  Most of them can be found here.




Christian asked me if I could do a top 10 police car models… “Of course” I thought…, but it wasn’t easy, and actually I had to set some boundaries to choose from as otherwise it would just be impossible. So, to begin with I decided to focus on 3 inch diecast and European cars (both the brand and the police force). This also allows me to come up with additional Top 10’s later on!😉 (NOTE: if you want to see further details about the models, you can click on the headings, which will take you to the relevant record in hobbyDB.)

10th Place: Majorette – Renault Alpine A310 “French police”

This is a Renault Alpine A310 highway patrol car of the French police! This model is made by Majorette. The real cars were operated by the Gendarmerie, so the text on the model is not quite right, but what the heck! What a police car!

9th Place: EFSI – Citroen C.35 “Rijkspolitie”

Citroen C.35 made by EFSI of Holland in Dutch (former) “Rijkspolitie” livery. Although this is not a very exciting model compared to the Renault Alpine, and even though the Rijkspolitie did not drive Citroen C.35 vans, the model does look very realistic and even has a side door, which can slide to the back. And realism is one of the key factors for models to end up in my collection!

8th Place: Matchbox – Jaguar XJ6 “UK Police”

Jaguar XJ6 made by Matchbox. I like this because the graphics are very realistic and indeed several police forces in the UK drove Jaguars.

7th Place: Universal Hobbies – Renault Scenic II “French National Police”

This is a French national police car. Also not a very exciting car compared to many of the other models in this top 10, but this model made by Universal Hobbies matches the real car 1:1, including the special blue/orange light bar.

6th Place: Majorette – Porsche 996 “Belgian Police”

Porsche 996 of the Belgian highway patrol… The model is made by Majorette and looks very realistic, including the fluorescent red bumpers, but unfortunately it does not exist in real life.

5th Place: Tiny – BMW 5 Series “London Metropolitan Police”

This BMW 5 Series (F11) of the London Metropolitan Police is an exact copy of the real car. Just perfect! It is made by Tiny of Hong Kong.

4th place: Tomica – Porsche 911S “Rijkspolitie”

As a Dutchman, a police car lover, and as a kid having wanted to drive a Rijkspolitie highway patrol Porsche when I grow up (which did not happen unfortunately… I didn’t join the police, and I never grew up… 😉) logically a model of such a Porsche needs to be in my Top 10. As there aren’t many models of Rijkspolitie Porsches in 1/64 scale, the model which best resembles the real car (imho) is this Porsche 911 made by Tomica. The real car only had 1 dome light on the left side of the roof (and no red interior of course), but for the rest this model looks pretty much like the real cars did back then.

3rd Place: SIKU – BMW 5 Series Touring “Polizei Kanton Solothurn”

Not just the casting of this BMW 5-Series Touring by SIKU is excellent, but also the bright orange-red striping with reflection stripes perfecftly matches that of the real car of the police of the Swiss Canton of Solothurn. Even the tailgate has been printed, which you don’t see too often on models in this scale. Great job by SIKU!

2nd Place: High Speed – Lamborghini Gallardo “Polizia”

Lamborghini Gallardo of the Italian Polizia, made by High Speed. This is a perfect replica of the real car, even including the antennas and the special shape blue lightbar, which seems to have been especially made for this model (so not just a standard lightbar, which is used on dozens other models.) And a police force driving a Lamborghini… very cool!

And the winner is: SIKU – Range Rover “Rijkspolitie”

My holy grail, made by one of my favorite brands „SIKU“, representing another former Dutch Rijkspolitie vehicle: the Range Rover. I still remember when these cars were patrolling the Dutch country roads and highways. The SIKU model was only available at a limited number of shops in the Netherlands back in the 1970‘s. Although 99% of the real cars had blue light bars, in fact there was at least 1 car with 2 blue dome lights, like the SIKU model. The printing all-over matches that of the real cars very well. This model in mint condition is very hard to get, and only at quite high prices.

It is a pity that SIKU did not use this casting for some UK or Belgian police cars too…


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22 days ago

Nice little Police cars1 Great graphics! I think I actually like #10 the best! Weird!

21 days ago

Love the Alpine (and I am sure the Coppers would have as well!) but my fav is probably the Siku (just reminds me on good times).

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