hobbyDB App: Most Scanned Funko Pop! Figures in April

Our partners at Pop Price Guide take a look at the Most Pop!ular Funko Pop!s of April!

Pop! Animation continues its Funko Pop! domination!

Figures from One Piece, Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia were again among the most Pop!ular in April by users of the Pop Price Guide / hobbyDB App. Lest we forget Pop!s from Sonic, The Simpsons and Spider-Man...there’s always a Spider-Man on these lists.

We take a look at the most scanned last month. What did you add to your collection in April? Tell us in the comments below!

Don’t forget to download your version of the hobbyDB App! With the App, you can use its barcode scanning tech to easily add items to your collection, perform quick research while on a Pop! hunt, and lots more, including where to find Pop!s and more in your neighborhood.

Android and iOS versions available here!


Most Scanned in April


10. The Joker



9. Mr. Sparkle (Diamond Collection)



8. Dabi (Glow in the Dark)


See the Entire List Here!

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