Get Your Exclusive Abominable Toys Zoltar Chomp!

The fortunes have been revealed, foretelling us that you’re going to love Abominable Toys’ new exclusive Zoltar Chomp in a BIG way.

Meet the latest Chomp, based on Zoltar, the famous all-knowing animatronic fortune machine.

With a limited edition of just 500 pieces, it doesn’t take tarot cards to know that you’ll need to act quickly in order to add Zoltar Chomp to your collection.

Click the Chomp to get yours before it’s too late!

Once you get yours, head over to the Official Archive on hobbyDB where you can find it among every Abominable Toys collectible ever.

With the Official Archive, it’s easy to build and track the value of your collection. By “liking” the subject on hobbyDB you can keep up with the latest releases from Chomp and Abominable Toys.

Visit the Abominable Toys Official Archive here!

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