Our Plan to Reach 100 Billion Collectibles and How You Can Help

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Christian obsesses over collectibles, antiques and toys more than the average person, but (he believes) in a productive way. Documenting collectibles has been a passion since working on a book about his favorite childhood toys from Timpo 41 years ago.



When we started hobbyDB 10 years ago, we had a vision to document every collectible ever made. We set a lofty target, and we knew we wanted to do it right by documenting items in the exact way each collector base wanted to see them.

It was a bit of a slow start, but I’m pleased to share that with your help, we are on our way to becoming the No. 1 resource for collectors worldwide. I wanted to take the time to share our vision of how we will make big progress in getting to our 100 Billion Collectibles target.


Phase 1 – Getting to a Million Database Items (almost there)

We do not really know how many Collectibles are out there (just that it is a very big number). Getting to 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000 items was relatively easy. And even better news, we should be getting to 1,000,000 in August. Here are all of our stats (we update monthly and publish on www.hobbydb.com/aboutus)

Besides what you can see on the site right now, we also sit on 10 million “Data Donations” (we hit 1 million of those already in 2016). This is data that we would love to add (and many of you have already helped add around 20,000 items), but we did not have the tools to do it faster (until June). Which makes us SO excited for Phase 2!!!


Phase 2 – How to get to 10 Million Database Items (starting very shortly)

To conquer this issue, we asked ourselves what kind of tool do we need to add data ten times faster than we do at the moment? We’re excited to share that we think we found a solution that we will be rolling out in June –

This new tool will allow us to import any type of data (feeds from brands, webstores and auction houses, spreadsheets and more). It will match the new data against existing database items and show the closest match on top. If we do not have an item in the database already, it will pre-populate the Database Item with all the data that we already have.

And at some point, Members will be able to add their own collection as a spreadsheet and match it to the database. We hope that this new tool will make adding tons of new items SO MUCH EASIER!

This would also enable us to add databases that want to join hobbyDB (see the 11 that are currently joining here) much faster. We have a directory of more than 3,000 other databases that we would like to add to the system and at least once a month, we hear of another database that is in danger of being lost forever (I wrote about that here).


Phase 3 – How to get to 100 Million Database Items

To further improve the import tool, we would add image matching to it. That would allow you to photograph an item and match it against the database to reveal the closest matches.

You could then add it to your collection or wish list and if we do not have it, they could create it by using the closest match item as the starting point.


Part of the plan – 100,000 Volunteers & 100,000 Owners

Besides better tech we also need more incredible people to join the hobbyDB Squad. Our vision is to get to 100,000 Squad Members (we stand at 2,409). The Squad is our life source and we couldn’t build hobbyDB without them.

This is one of the core reasons why we decided to do Crowdfunding in the first place. It’s a privilege to be able to offer our Members, and especially the Squad an opportunity to own a piece of hobbyDB, a site that they help build on a daily basis. We purposely kept the minimum investment to the lowest number our crowdfunding platform WeFunder allows. That way, Members can invest $100, $1,000 or however much they like.

I would like to encourage you to own as much of hobbyDB as you can afford (keeping in mind that owning shares in a private business is risky). And if you have already invested, I want to say again a sincere thank you for believing in hobbyDB.

Find out more about investing in hobbyDB here


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Gary holliday
Gary holliday
27 days ago

I would help but one thing that needs attention is some of the values on the funko pops. Just because there are fakes out there that shouldn’t ruin the values of the real pops. Just a suggestion have a price guide for the fakes only. Also the limited edition pops like Johnny karate chase for example should be way higher value than what you’re showing. There aren’t many of those out there at all. It’s the flagship exclusive chase I’m talking about. The one that used to be worth close to $3000. Many collectors are abandoning the hobby due to stuff like this. Captain American hot topic glow in the dark is another one that should be higher too.

26 days ago
Reply to  Gary holliday

A few replies –

1. We do not allow Price Points for fakes to be added. If you find one flag it.

2. We do not add Fakes to the database (see here for how we treat imitations, copies etc https://help.hobbydb.com/support/solutions/articles/36000279451-are-counterfeits-fakes-imitations-and-unlicensed-added-)

3. We do not care what what items should be valued at and think that is a flawed argument. We only care about ACTUAL SALES. If it is a bona fide transaction we take it (with very few exceptions that are explained here https://help.hobbydb.com/support/solutions/articles/36000424046-price-point-exceptions). It is not our job to keep prices “where they should be or where they were in the past”. We show every Price Point and a link to check it. If there are no recent Price Points our Estimated Value has less predictable power but you can check that by looking at the existing Price Points and when the Estimated Value was last updated.

Ted Huffman
Ted Huffman
16 days ago

Good summary Christian 🙂

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