Optimus Prime (Finally!!) Makes His Hot Wheels Debut

It’s finally happened. Optimus Prime, the fearless leader of the Autobots, has joined a new team.

Team Hot Wheels.

Some 40 years after the inception of Hasbro’s insanely popular Transformers franchise, fans can finally see Optimus Prime in all of his Hot Wheels glory.

Our hero is reborn courtesy of Mattel Creations and is modeled after the original Generation 1 Optimus Prime.

The truck version of Prime stretches 2.75 inches in width and 1.2 inches in height. When fully transformed, Optimus is 2.1 inches in width and stands 3.5 inches tall!

Talk about more than meets the eye, its decorative box even transforms, allowing you to display your Optimus Prime in either truck or robot form.

The Transformers x Hot Wheels crossover retailed at $80, but we’re sad to report that it sold out rather quickly, as you can imagine.

Did you manage to get one?? Add it to your hobbyDB collection here! Or try adding it to your collection by scanning its UPC via the hobbyDB App!

*images via creations.mattel.com


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