Art Toy of the Week – Elfie

I have been collecting designer toys since 2004 and this is my weekly column.  I also have other interests (I am for example the Curator of the Breyer Horses and Warne’s Observer’s Pocket Books and generally am known to add anything cute to my collection).


This week’s Art Toy of the Week is this adorable little elephant character called Elfie. Elfie was created by Too Natthapong, originally as part of a set with another character called Greenie, and produced by Unbox Industries. First released in 2017, Elfie has now been produced in a wonderful array of different sizes from a sweet pocket size 3″ figure to an large 12″ very chonky figure, as well as many different poses, different costumes and plush too! There is an Elfie for everyone!

Two elephant figures, one large and one small, standing on two legs coloured red and green like a watermelon

Watermelon Elfie set

Finding Elfies to buy isn’t too tricky, although there are some rarities out there and limited edition figures that can be harder to track down. There is an Elfie for every budget though!

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