The Many Faces of Skeletor: Keldor Action Figures Through the Years

From Stinkor to Man-E-Faces, there are many unique faces in the Masters of the Universe, well, universe. Only one, however, is instantly recognizable as the face of evil in Eternia.

He often goes by the name Keldor, but you know him best as Skeletor. And since making his debut in 1982, Skeletor action figures have taken on a wide variety of looks.

So we’re taking a look back at more than 40 years of Skeletor action figures to see how the villain has evolved. See all Skeletor action figures on hobbyDB by following this link

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Skeletor Action Figures Through the Years


2024 – Skeletor Core Filmation (Mattel MOTU Origins)



2024 – Skeletor (Good Smiles Company Nendoroid)



2024 – Skeletor / Skeletek (Mattel MOTU Masterverse)



2023 – Leo Skeletor (Super Impulse World’s Smallest Figures)



2023 – Horde Skeletor (Mattel MOTU Masterverse)



2022 – Skeletor Madsaki (Mattel Creations)



2021 – Skeletor Revelation (Mattel MOTU Masterverse)



2021 – Shogun Master Skeletor (Mattel Creations)



2021 – Skeletor Power Attack (Mattel’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe)



2020 – Skeletor (Mattle MOTU Origins Wave 1)



2017 – Battle Damaged Armor Skeletor (Super7 MOTU ReAction Figures)



2016 – Skeletor (The Loyal Subjects MOTU Wave 1)



2016 – Skeletor (Super7 MOTU ReAction Figures Wave 1)



2015 – Laser Light Skeletor vs. Laser Power He-Man (Masters of the Universe Classics)



2014 – Giant Skeletor (Mattel Giant Figures)



2014 – New Adventure Skeletor (Masters of the the Universe Classics)



2012 – Dragon Blaster Skeletor (Masters of the Universe Classics)



2009 – Skeletor (Masters of the Universe Classics)



2004 – Ice Armor Skeletor (MOTU 2000’s Wave 7)



2003 – Fire Armor Skeletor (MOTU 2000’s Wave 3)



2002 – Skeletor (MOTU 2000’s Wave 1)



1988 – Laser Light Skeletor (Mattel)



1986 – Terror Claw Skeletor (Mattel)



1985 – Dragon Blaster Skeletor (Mattel)



1983 – Battle Armor Skeletor (Mattel)



1982 – Skeletor (Full Boot) (Mattel)



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