From Hardball to Soft Serve, Some History of Major League Baseball Ice Cream Helmets

Christopher C. Wuensch, aka CCBigs, is a reformed sports writer and junk wax collector with a particular affinity for 80s baseball. Today he delves into his vast basement collection of cards and other sports memorabilia and takes a look at the sweet treats that are MLB Ice Cream Helmets. See what else he digs up with his From the Basement series here!


Some collectibles arrive with a proverbial cherry on top.

A pristine Hot Wheels Redline found at a garage sale. The rocket-firing Boba Fett still in its original Kenner packaging. A GEM-MT 10 rated Mickey Mantle rookie unearthed among the must of some long forgotten basement.

Others arrive with a literal cherry on top and require your mom to wash it before you can add it to your collection.

A recent Coors Field pickup that will be joining others in the basement collection.

They’re Mini MLB Helmets and any fan of baseball (or ice cream) likely has a bunch of them somewhere colorfully stacked in cathartic unison somewhere amidst their collection.

If you’re looking to strike it rich by collecting these helmets, you’re likely going to find yourself striking out looking.

In fact – accounting for stadium inflation, which puts them between $8 – $10 at the ballpark these days – they’re technically worth more with the ice cream in them. An entire collection of all 30 teams will set your wallet back about $45 on eBay.

Ever since mankind discovered, via Laich Industries in the mid-60s, that ice cream simply tastes better when shoveled out of 8 oz. plastic helmet, these relics have become plentiful and found in every stadium, Dairy Queen and Ground Round (or some other establishment for you old school restaurant connoisseurs) across America.

These are set builders. Memory makers. Tokens from each new ballpark visited.

The real chase comes in hunting down the rare variant helmets from each MLB team throughout the decades, such as the Montreal Expos. Perhaps even delve into the Minor Leagues and score yourself a Pawtucket Red Sox helmet.

We’ve added helmets from every Major League Team to hobbyDB. Add yours to your collection here!

Then tell us in the comments below your favorite baseball team and the flavor of ice cream you’d put in your MLB helmet!

** baseball experts! Hit me up at if you’d like to help me add baseball (or other sports) collectibles to hobbyDB! **

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