Art Toy of the Week – Knucklebear

I have been collecting designer toys since 2004 and this is my weekly column.  I also have other interests (I am for example the Curator of the Breyer Horses and Warne’s Observer’s Pocket Books and generally am known to add anything cute to my collection).


This week’s Art Toy of the Week is the ferocious Knucklebear by Touma. Knucklebear first appeared in 2004 produced by Toy2R. He came stomping through as an 8″ figure and also as a very different mould in the Qee series standing 2.5″. These figures were popular, the smaller figures even had their own series, spawning a couple of 10″ figures based on the 2.5″ design. Further down the line a new 5″ tall “Re-Bone” was released produced by Wonderwall, and later still the production was taken over by Play Imaginative and some enormous 18″ figures were produced. There’s even been a couple of plush Knucklebears!

A black bear-like upright toy figure which has white tribal tattoo on one arm and has one claw held up and is grinning with sharp teeth

Black Tribal Tattoo Re-Bone Knucklebear

Knucklebears are more of a family of figures now and you can still get the older figures occasionally in the second hand market.

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