Top Ideas For Extending Your Scalextric Advance Circuit

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Perhaps you already have a Scalextric Advance Circuit or want to know the possibilities of expanding it.

Well you are in the right place! In our post we tell you all about this system and the different circuits that you can create with different extensions.

Let’s get started –

Scalextric System Features


How does Scalextric Advance work?

Its name itself gives us clues about how Scalextric Advance works. Thanks to it, we will have a significant advancement in the Scalextric digital system, with more functions, more possibilities, and above all, simpler connection and operation of cars and accessories.

It consists of a new Digital system based on the traditional Scalextric 1:32 tracks with their usual grey color. Therefore, if you have these grey tracks, you can use them for Scalextric Advance.

These are its features –

  • First, the connection control unit is eliminated, so cars and controllers are linked directly. This is a major improvement, making the setup of our track much simpler.
  • We can race with up to 9 cars, allowing us to have spectacular races with our friends. The Bluetooth track has several connections for transformers, providing enough power to the circuit when racing with more than 4 cars (recommended to avoid power loss).
  • The Scalextric Advance controller is simpler than the previous WOS model and has great sensitivity, which will be highly appreciated by the more advanced Scalextric drivers. It is still rechargeable and wireless, allowing us to play comfortably around the track.
  • The circuit has a bidirectional connection through a special Bluetooth track that connects with a tablet or mobile phone.
  • Top ideas for extending your Scalextric Advance circuitYou just need to install an app to manage races and time laps, adding more realism and possibilities to our Scalextric competition. This track is an accessory, so you can race in the Advance system without it. However, it is highly recommended to fully enjoy the Scalextric Advance system. It is important to always have the latest version installed and link the cars and controllers through the app, otherwise, issues such as laps or fuel not being counted might occur.
  • You can race with your other Scalextric cars on your Advance track (Analog, WOS, or DS), a great advantage for enthusiasts who have older systems and could not upgrade or race in current systems. By changing or adding the chip and guide, you will have a car compatible with Scalextric Advance.


Scalextric Advance track upgrades that you should know about –

Once we have explained how it is and how it works Scalextric Advance we will show you the base circuits and expanded versions that you can do with them.

Currently there are two base circuits with which to start out with.


Scalextric Advance Circuit Advance Rally Cross V1

First you have the Advance Rally Cross Circuit, which is a basic 0-shaped circuit.

It is a good circuit to start at a good price, with all the elements to start playing –

  • Connection track
  • Controls
  • 2 cars
  • Tracks

However it can be a bit boring at the beginning to play with this track because the layout is very basic.
This V1 extension pack is the solution to this, it includes –

  • 8 straight 180mm (or 4 straight 360mm)
  • 4 standard curves
  • 2 straights 80 mm

As you can see, in the photo, the circuit has many more curves and has a more fun layout with a long straight line of speed and then another half of the circuit more twisty where to take advantage of the trigger and cornering. The extended track measures 1 x 2.8m.

You also have some crossing straights, which you can place wherever you want within the circuit. Remember that for the Advance system to work you must place at least one crossover line so that the circuit is short-circuited and always has current.

To this, as always you can add accessories such as borders, and Advance accessories such as the Pit Lane and the Bluetooth track (not included in the circuit).


Scalextric Advance 2.0 GT3 Series track extended V2

Now we move on to the most complete circuit as is the Gt3 Series, already from the improved Advance 2.0 range.

This circuit is somewhat larger and more complete in the form of 8.

The circuit is already quite fun, but perhaps we want to expand it and enjoy all the possibilities that the Advance system gives us.

First we start with a basic extension, as is to add –

  • Bluetooth track
  • Pit lane
  • Straight of 360 mm (or 2 of 180 mm)

So we can add these fundamental accessories to take advantage of our circuit by lengthening the main straight.

Want something more spectacular?

Let’s go for the most complete expansion of Scalextric Advance…


Scalextric Advance 2.0 GT3 Series track extended V1

For this purpose, we add the following elements to the Gt3 Series 2.0 base circuit –

  • 1 Bluetooth Track
  • 1 Pit Lane
  • 2 straights 180mm
  • 8 standard curves
  • 2 inside curves

We add again the basic advance accessories (bluetooth and pit lane) but we extend the original layout with more curves, both inside and standard.

With this layout we keep the original long straight and make a fun layout with bridge and several cornering areas. Undoubtedly a spectacular extension to take advantage of your cars and your driving.

And from here?

You can as you know, the world of Scalextric Advance allows you a wide range of possibilities of tracks and accessories to make it even bigger than in these extensions. It is a great activity to do at home with friends, or even a small event or party.

Straight, curves, sliding, decorative accessories ….All this you can add to satisfy your imagination.

Remember that the tracks must always be grey, as black tracks are NOT compatible with Advance. The track is shallower and can damage your cars, plus the connectivity that Advance needs is not guaranteed with the old grey tracks that lose a lot of current.

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