Welcome to hobbyDB’s new Owners

We closed our 5th Crowdfunding Round yesterday as part of our effort to have 100,000 volunteers that manage and own hobbyDB.

We raised $120,177 from 292 Now Owners  –  squad members, industry leaders (a lot of new folks that make new collectibles to be included on hobbyDB!), and collectors.

Thanks to all of you!  And a special thanks for our Lead Investor Isaac Thomas & the team at Wefunder, specifically the amazing Suzanna.



Here are a few practicalities  –

  1. If you wanted to invest and could not than please reach out to us.  Wefunder had a bug that stopped payments with Amex (and did not explain what the problem was).
  2. If you have not yet funded your investment or WeFunder needs your Tax Id and have questions please reach out to Wefunder via support@wefunder.com (ccing us on support@hobbydb.com).
  3. You should expect to see your Owner badge and lower Owner Selling Fee at the end of this coming week (if you want to sell earlier please contact support@hobbydb.com and we change it by hand for you).


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Jason Worley, The_Collector_One
Jason Worley, The_Collector_One
26 days ago

Congratulations to all of us on joining the incredibly awesome collecting family, Hobbydb! I am thrilled to hear how many of us are now a part of this amazing project. The Hobbydb community is filled with passionate collectors and enthusiasts who share a common love for all things collectibles.

It’s truly remarkable how everyone at Hobbydb has been so welcoming and supportive towards me. The warmth and kindness I have experienced from the community is a testament to the incredible people involved in this project.

I can sense everyone’s excitement for what the future holds, and I must say, it’s contagious! The possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead are bound to bring even more joy and fulfillment to our collecting journey. So buckle up and get ready for an incredible ride!

Here’s to all of us, our new Hobbydb family, and all the amazing adventures that await!

Andrea Martins
Andrea Martins
26 days ago

Yikes, I missed the round. Will there be another?

George Andrew Simons CDP.
George Andrew Simons CDP.
25 days ago


21 days ago

Not fair! I was watching your video about it when you closed it and I was going to invest!!

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