Art Toy of the Week – The Last Knight

I have been collecting designer toys since 2004 and this is my weekly column.  I also have other interests (I am for example the Curator of the Breyer Horses and Warne’s Observer’s Pocket Books and generally am known to add anything cute to my collection).


This week’s Art Toy of the Week is the The Last Knight by Andrew Bell and produced by Dead Zebra and Dyzplastic. This is a must for any art toy and chess fan! First released back in 2014, the limited edition chess piece with a zebra’s skull stands 8″ tall. Further colourways have been created including a jet black one, a white one and in 2021 a wonderfully detailed wooden version was also released.

First Edition The Last Knight

These were released in limited numbers, in some cases very limited, so it’s pretty hard to find them for sale. I have the standard first edition and he’s fabulous so if you do see one, get it!

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