The Astolat Dollhouse Castle, The World’s Most Valuable Dollhouse

Very few castles are as regal as the Astolat, be them fit for a royal couple or a doll.

In the 50 years since its original plans were drawn up, the Astolat Dollhouse Castle is now regarded as the most valuable dollhouse ever.

Design and construction of the Astolat began in 1974 by master miniaturist Elaine Diehl. By the time the last of roughly 10,000 handcrafted pieces were set in place more than a dozen years later in 1987, the Astolat Castle would feature 29 rooms, stand nine feet tall and weigh more than 800 pounds.

The castle derives its name from the Alfred Tennyson poem “Lady of Shalott.” Inside is replete with thousands of finely detailed chandeliers, fittings, paintings, rugs, tapestries and other one-of-a-kind accessories.

With more items still being added.

As a result, the Astolat Dollhouse Castle has been appraised around $8.5 million.

It requires a crew of 12 people more than two days to fully set up and was initially displayed in Diehl’s Sedona, Ariz., museum shop before stints at the Nassau County (NY) Museum of Art and New York’s Time Warner Center.

But public appearances are rare.

Now owned by Michael J. (PhD) and Lois Freeman, the only way to catch a glimpse of it these days, however, is via the official Astolat website, where you can stay tuned for its next appearance.

See it here on hobbyDB! With a limited edition of 1:1, we’re going to know if you’re fibbing if you add it to your hobbyDB collection, but it can’t hurt putting on your wish list 😉


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