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Behold the Power of the hobbyDB Wish List!


Wishing and hoping and thinking and dreaming,
Planning and scheming each night of those cars,
Wont get them into your paws!

Wishing on a star won’t get that item into your  collection. Adding it to your hobbyDB Wish List will!

Perhaps you, like the cartoon teddy bear in our adorable illustration, are wishing, hoping, planning and, indeed, dreaming of adding the green Hot Wheels AMC Rebel Machine to your collection. And perhaps, like me, you’re wishing you could also add about 500 OTHER models to your collection too! The big question, how on earth do you keep track of them all?!

That’s where the hobbyDB Wish List comes in. Wish List is one of hobbyDB’s most powerful and popular features; so far, our users have added over 14,000 entries to their Wish Lists. That means that you never need to worry about them slipping your mind again because the list is always there for you to consult. Whenever you’re out buying at a toy show or store, all you need to do is check it on your phone.

Best of all, though, whenever an item on your Wish List comes up for sale on hobbyDB’s marketplace, you’ll get an alert email letting you know about it. (And of course, if you buy an item on hobbyDB, it automatically adds itself to your on-site Collection Management so you don’t need to add it separately!) So you don’t need to remember to run daily searches, or that you’ll miss something you desperately need, it’ll come to you!

Adding an item to your Wish List is easy and there are two ways to do so. You can do a quick-add in the search results;



Or you can do it on any item page;



Notice that on the item page, there’s lots more information about how “wanted” the item is. That tells you how much competition you have by noting the number of total users who have this item in their Wish Lists. It’s handy if you’re thinking of selling something on-site too, because you’ll know how many people already want to buy it and who’ll get emails alerting them when yours goes up for sale! You don’t need to worry about duplicate Wish List adds, either. If the item’s already in your Wish List, it’ll tell you here, and the button will grey-out and become un-clickable. (The button in search will do the same for items already on your list.) And because hobbyDB’s database catalogs all the variants of an item in detail, you can add the exact one you want to your Wish List (or all of them!)

Once an item’s on your Wish List, taking it off is super-simple too. Just go to your dropdown, click on Wish List and you’ll see “Remove” buttons on all the items on there. If you buy an item on the site, it doesn’t automatically remove it from your Wish List in case you want more than one. And if you want to share your Wish List with someone else, it’s as simple as just sending them the URL!



We’ve got a lot of exciting ideas and features for Wish List in the pipeline too – eventually you’ll be able to specify what condition you want the item in and how much you’re willing to pay and only be alerted when examples come up for sale that match your criteria. We’re also working with more and more manufacturers to ensure items are added to the site before they go on sale, so you can add those to your Wish Lists and not have to worry about missing them when they get released. We’ll even have a feature where you can do an auto-buy when an item comes up that matches the condition degree and price you want by putting in your payment details ahead of time.

For right now, though, it’ll save you having to carry that list of wants around in your brain or on paper. So why not add the Hot Wheels AMC Rebel Machine (or something else you want!) to your Wish List right now – all it takes is one click!

hobbyDB’s Brand Partnerships Help Support Collectible Brands

hobbyDB Supports Collectible Brands!Everybody needs a little support now and again, and the manufacturers who make our favorite models are no exception. Margins are getting smaller, raw materials, production costs and labor more expensive, even in China. The cost of designing, tooling, manufacturing and marketing new models have never been higher.

Like all you other collectors out there, we at hobbyDB want to make sure that these companies are around to keep making great product for a very long time yet. So we sat down to think about how we could do our part to help make sure that was the case. And we came up with the idea of Brand Partnerships.

Brand Partnerships with hobbyDB help us to help brands. Here’s how it works: manufacturers provide us with as much data as they can about their back catalog, current and future production. Ideally, they give us details and images of every single thing they’ve ever produced, including prototypes, pre-production models, tie-in merchandise… everything! We then use that to create their official archive on hobbyDB, processing and uploading the data. They then link to that official archive from their own official sites and promote it on their social media.

In return, whenever one of their products is sold on the hobbyDB marketplace (or on our sister site Scoomer), they get a cut of our fee on the sale, giving them a new income stream to generate revenue that they can plow back into making more great collectibles! We do want to make sure that everyone is clear that this doesn’t mean you’ll be paying more for anything you buy. As you know, hobbyDB takes a fee on every transaction. That’s the money we use to keep the site running and keep improving it (and it’s less than eBay takes!). We’re giving the the brands a slice of the cut we already take, not adding anything else on top.

We think this will be particularly helpful to smaller manufacturers but it’s by no means limited to them. We’ve already partnered with brands like Automodello, Kess and Kidrobot, as well as customizers like Brew City, Chris Stangler and Liberty Promotions. There are a lot more in the pipeline too, including some much bigger brands.

So if you’re a brand, artist or customizer of any size and you’re interested, get in touch!

How hobbyDB’s Partnerships Bring You the Best in Data!

When it comes to collectibles data, hobbyDB wants to have the highest quality you’ll find anywhere on the net. That’s one reason why one of our biggest initiatives right now is our partnership drive. One of the best sources for data is right from the horse’s mouth so to speak, so we’re partnering with customizers, brands and artists to get their data onto the site in as complete form as possible.

Kidrobot Archive

The Official Kidrobot Archive now with more than 4,000 entries

Here’s how it works; the brand, customizer or artist provides us with the data in their back catalog in as much detail as possible, then our data elves get it all uploaded. In return, whoever provided the data gets an “Official Archive” subject page, a free storefront to sell their items on hobbyDB and major promotion across all our social media. Of course, not all these advantages are a fit for everyone, so they can also pick and choose from the menu! Some opt for just an official archive, others just a store and cross-promotion. But they all give us awesome data.

So far, we’ve had an awesome response to the program from a huge variety of places. Customizers like Brew CityChris Stangler and Liberty Promotions are on board, along with artists like Frank Kozik and brands including AutomodelloKidrobot and Kess! We’re even able to extend the program to work with institutions like The Shelby American Collection museum in Gunbarrel, whose content we plan to document. They also now host their official store on hobbyDB.

The Shelby Museum store on hobbyDB!

The Shelby Museum store on hobbyDB!

We think it’s a great way to get correct, quality listings, great images and offer mutual assistance to some of the entities which make collecting such an awesome hobby. It certainly seems to be working great so far!

How hobbyDB decided on the best Setup for Data-Seeking Collectors

Here at hobbyDB, we’re all collectors. And when we started work on the site, one of the main things we knew we wanted was to make it a great place for collectors to research their interests. So we knew better than almost anyone how much time collectors like to spend reading about whatever it is that’s their own particular passion – something our research bore out when we talked to the 10,000 collectors we interviewed before starting the site to see what they wanted.


Eric Marcoullier, a poster collector and great supporter – we talked to 10,000 collectors just like him…

Those interviews also resulted in some fascinating conclusions about collectors. Whatever their subject area of interest, from chairs to teddy bears to corkscrews to vintage shoes, they all approached research in exactly the same way – and for exactly the same reasons. Newbie collectors read to learn about their area of interest to find things to collect. Veteran collectors read over copious amounts of information they likely already knew to try and find more things to collect; stuff they’d overlooked or perhaps just never heard of.

All collectors thirst for more stuff! We wanted to make sure that hobbyDB would slake that thirst like nothing ever before!

We had wondered whether it made sense for hobbyDB to be one platform for ALL kinds of collectibles. But then we realized that not only would a site that covered everything provide a far more robust platform to preserve information about collectibles than the homespun sites that already existed, it would be a huge boon to all those collectors searching for the things they’d missed.

That’s why we made the site a full-on inter-relational database in the mold of sites like IMdB.

Consider, if you will, the plight of the PEZ collector. He needs an encyclopedic resource of all the PEZ dispensers ever made. hobbyDB can easily give him that on it’s PEZ subject page (or through a simple search). But there are dozens of other PEZ items that’ll interest him too. Items that he might never know exist because they’re a different type of thing; for example, a model delivery truck with the PEZ logo on the side. Or a PEZ tie-in Beanie Baby. A PEZ pin. Or a PEZ promotional pen.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 3.16.26 PM

1940 Ford Pezmobile. A must-have for the PEZ completist.

On hobbyDB, he doesn’t have to rely on running a search for “PEZ” and seeing what shows up to find those things. He could do that on eBay, but there, he’s limited to seeing what’s on sale, or the limited view of what’s already sold. On hobbyDB, he can see everything that’s ever existed, regardless of whether it’s for sale or been sold recently or not.

And if you’re a collector who collects by theme to start with – for example, one who collects Simpsons-related items, there’ll be an even wider spread of item types that’ll include things you need to own. And they’ll all be there right on one page for you to view, whether they’re a doll, an action figure, a diecast car, a slot car or anything else.


Hot Wheels’ Homer Simpson’s Nuclear Waste Van; of interest to collectors of Simpsons-alia, Hot Wheels, van models and Nuclear-themed-items…

So not only can hobbyDB flex to accommodate ANY type of collectible by all its most important data points, it can also flex to accommodate any type of collector and give them exactly what they want to see! And as many users have told us – once you start going on hobbyDB, you can just click on and on forever!

Johnny Lightning’s Back in Town

Johnny Lightning is coming back Under the Playing Mantis brand! Here are a cool new cars we snapped at Nuremberg…

Johnny Lightning

1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 and a 1971 GTO

Johnny Lightning 1970 AMC Matador Rebel Machine

1970 AMC Matador Rebel Machine

Johnny Lightning 1963 Nova

For those who prefer things zingier, a 1963 Nova.

Johnny Lightning 1958 Plymouth BelvedereAnd a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere