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Lego Meeting at our office

We had another meeting of COWLUG, the Colorado and Wyoming Lego User Group at our office and like always it was real fun! To see more images go to the COWLUG site.

Hosting the Colorado and Wyoming Lego User Group

We plan to become a hub for all kind of collectors and Lego is as good as segment as any to start (plus my son loves the stuff).  So we are now hosting the regular COWLUG meetings here at our office!   More on this event and COWLUG on their website.

Where Can I Sell It?

When someone asks me—“What is my object worth?,” he often continues by asking—“And, where can I sell it?” What he really wants to know is where he can sell the object for the amount I tell him it is worth.  The simple answer is he cannot.  While the reason for this discrepancy is evident to […]