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KMJ Diecast Moves Store (& 40,000 Hot Wheels) to hobbyDB

“I started this website in 1997 to show off my collection,” says Kirk Smith of KMJ Diecast. It was just a hobby at the time, along with customizing various Hot Wheels models. Then he started selling his extras on the site. Then it became a full time job. And somewhere along the way, KMJ became […]

Jacques de Selliers Joins hobbyDB Advisory Board

Jacques de Selliers, an expert in majoliclockophilia, has joined the hobbyDB Advisory Board. (If you aren’t familiar with that term, it means “connoisseur of faience clocks”… Not familiar with “faience?” It refers to objects with a “fine tin-glazed pottery on a delicate pale buff earthenware body.”) More specifically, he curates the Clockarium, a museum of […]

See the Future with these Matchbox Pre-Production Models

See the Future with these Matchbox Pre-Production Models

This is the Ambassador’s Report from the Matchbox Gathering, July 22nd, 2015. Lots of new models were announded for 2016, some of which you can see below. By Larry Scaduto INTRODUCTION Good day to everyone! This report is the one you have been waiting for! We all get to see the new product for the […]

The Cisitalia 202 Might be the most Beautiful Car at the Petersen

Italy is known for its many stunning automotive designs, so when one stands out above all the others, is must be exceptional. Consider this Cisitalia 202 Coupe, part of the Petersen Automotive Museum collection. Most people have never heard of Consorzio Industriale Sportiva Italia, even by its shorter moniker Cisitalia. They started by building single […]

Diecast Customizers Add Style to hobbyDB

Who hasn’t thought about repainting a Hot Wheels car at some point, only to find it’s not as easy as it sounds? At hobbyDB, we have met a number of folks who have perfected the art of modifying their diecast vehicles to the point that even the experts do a double take when they see […]