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Shoot Your Collectibles Like a Pro

Shoot Your Collectibles Like a Pro

I write about old (pre-1940) and antique (true centenarians) on my blog and since I’m a retired photographer, I thought I would share some techniques to help you take better pictures of your collectibles. Photographic Lighting Let’s take a look at a Hubley Pile Driver Truck I bought recently. I use tungsten quartz lights called […]

hobbyDB & Fees; We listened to you

When we set out to make hobbyDB’s marketplace the most awesome place to buy and sell collectibles on the net, we thought a lot about the fee structure. We wanted this to be fair to everybody and we thought that a good way to do that would be to charge selling fees on the cost of […]

Why should I Manage my Collectibles? (Besides the Obvious…)

Among the great mysteries of life: “Who really built the pyramids?” “What happens when we die?” and “Do I have that 1:18 scale 1970 Chevelle SS model in orange, and if so, does it have black stripes or white, and, where did I store it and what did I pay for it?” My father-in-law collected […]

Getting Started at hobbyDB

New to hobbyDB? Here’s our quick start guide! Finding collectible items is easy on our site. Just go to the search window at the top of any page and punch in a few words! You can now browse our huge database of collectibles. You can do a lot more than just look… Start by logging […]

hobbyDB Marketplace Makes First Sale!

This unassuming little diecast car is very important to hobbyDB… It’s a Playart VW Golf GTI, and it is the very first item sold on our new marketplace. The sales system is up and running, and we are tirelessly tweaking it to make it easier to use for the buyer and seller. To get started […]