Hard Rock Cafe Returns Home With New Piccadilly Circus Locale

The Hard Rock Café celebrates its birthday in grand style this month, returning to the city where it all began close to five decades ago.

Westminster’s Piccadilly Circus is the latest home for the Hard Rock Cafe, and finds itself located a mere 10-minute Tube ride from the original Hard Rock Café on London’s Old Park Lane.

Where the first-ever Hard Rock got its start in June of 1971 thanks to the likes of Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend – who requested to have their guitars hung near their own personal tables – the new Piccadilly restaurant promises artifacts such as Lady Gaga’s boots, David Bowie’s flame suit and a pair of Jimi Hendrix’ pants.

Hard Rock Cafe Piccadilly Circus

To celebrate the opening of its third London location, the world-renowned restaurant is introducing a new collection of core and limited edition Hard Rock Café pins.

The Piccadilly set features 19 core pins that will always be available at the new location, as well as 18 limited edition pins offered as a one-time buy. The Hard Rock Café will make these pins available for sale during its grand opening on June 22  in London (Ed. a little bit of a moving target, we will confirm as soon as we hear news).

We reached out to the team at Hard Rock and have been working with Yani (Director of Merchandising) and Mandy (Pin Category Manager) to start bringing you the new pins as soon as they are approved (this is a first us and we are super excited!).  Also thanks to Blossomgirl for adding these new pins to the database (two additional series are debuting early next week!).

Check out these super nice new pins here and let us know which one is your new favorite in the comments below!

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Love the Core Detective & the Core Bulldogs  - all of them look really great!!

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1 Deora, 2 Deora, 3 Deora… Counting Hot Wheels Remakes and Sequels

Hot Wheels Deora Original, II, and III

Deora Original, II, and III

Ron Ruelle

Ron Ruelle hobbyDB

An interesting new Hot Wheels vehicle hit the pegs recently, a swoopy, cab-forward pickup truck with a surfboard and an E-bike riding in the back. While the design is eye-catching, the name is what got my attention… Deora III. Looking at the profile, it sure looks like it could be descended from the Dodge Deora concept that became one of the original 16, and was then re-interpreted ’90s Style a couple decades later.

As it turns out, several Hot Wheels cars have been the subject of modern interpretations years after the original. Mind you, we’re not talking about models of new versions of real cars, such as the original Custom Corvette and subsequent Corvette models. Also not mentioned are slightly modified castings or renamed versions of the same basic casting. And we’re leaving out the Tooned, Oozed, Droptopped variants as well. These are strictly modern retakes/remakes/sequels of the originals.

Hot Wheels Silhouette Original and II

Silhouette Original and II

Original 16, ’90s Style

As mentioned before, The Deora II was created in 1990, and was popular enough that it remains in regular use today (It was even made into a full-size running show truck). Three other Original 16 cars got similar updates: The Slhouette, the Splittin’ Image, and the Twin Mill. Each of the new castings really captured the design ethic of the early ’90s while unmistakably carrying on the distinct characteristics of the earlier models. Kids of that era may have preferred the new designs, but for the most part, but it’s probably safe to say the originals are still the overwhelming favorites. Like the Deora, the Twin Mill got another sequel, the appropriately named Twin Mill III. The Splittin’ Image also got a Part III for Premium releases.

Hot Wheels Splittin' Image Original, II and II Premium

Splittin’ Image Original, II and III Premium


Hot Wheels Twin Mill Original, II, and III

Twin Mill Original, II, and III

Other Redlines For Other Times

There have been numerous other early Redline cars that have been updated over the years as well. The Whip Creamer was a strange design with a sliding canopy and turbine that spun when air hit it as it went down the track. An updated version carried similar traits. The Cockney Cab was a hot rodded but plausible London Cab, while the Cockney Cab II was more of a funny car caricature.

Hot Wheels Whip Creamer Original and II

Whip Creamer Original and II


Hot Wheels Cockney Cab Original and II

Cockney Cab Original and II

It’s easy to see the lineage between the Bye Focal and Bye Focal II, while the Sweet 16 and its updated version share mostly the long 1930s proportions and 16 cylinder engine.

Hot Wheels Bye Focal Original and II

Bye Focal Original and II


How Wheels Sweet Sixteen Original and II

Sweet Sixteen Original and II

The Jet Threat went from a rocket dragster to the Jet Threat II, which was… well, pretty much the same casting. But there was a Jet Threat 3.0, a much sleeker, lower design, and even a Jet Threat 4.0, also very much fighter-plane-inspired.

Hot Wheels Jet Threat Original/II, 3.0, 4.0

Jet Threat Original/II, 3.0, 4.0

Hot Wheels Show Hoss II

Oops, the Show Hoss II is the original.

By the way, has anyone ever seen the Show Hoss II and wondered about the original? It’s actually a funny car based on the Mustang II, (hence the name) but there was never an original first version from Mattel. So nope, not a sequel in this sense.

Even Newer Originals

Nostalgia doesn’t wait as long as it used to. Ignoring the arbitrary but traditional 20-year buffer before something can be considered “retro,” several newer Hot Wheels castings have received the update treatment. The Semi Fast was a sleek, futuristic COE semi tractor, while version II is an older looking dragster with a ginormous engine. The Sting Rod first appeared in the late ’80s as a Fiero-by-way-of-Mad-Max… the recent update keeps the same idea but with a newer, unlicensed body.

Hot Wheels Semi Fast Original and II

Semi Fast Original and II


Hot Wheels Sting Rod Original and II

Sting Rod Original and II

Nature Finds a Way

The Street Beasts name has been used several times over the years to mean different things… In the most recent incarnation, it has included a range of animal-based cars, using old castings for the most part. But at least two of these got serious makeovers. The Speed-a-Saurus, perhaps the cuddliest Hot Wheels car of all, featured a rubber stegosaurus riding on a dragster chassis. The new Motosaurus incorporates the dinosaur in a more cybernetic way. Different name, same idea. The SharKruiser, which still finds its way into production on occasion, got a similar update with the more aggressive Shark Bite for this series. You can change the name, but the DNA is still there.


About Those Tooned cars…

Okay, we do have to consider one Tooned version, which takes us back to where this all started. The original Deora was given cartoonish proportions when that series came out, and looked pretty awesome. The Deora II wasn’t part of that series, but did get similar treatment as a pullback car in the Micro Speed Demons series. Evolution works in strange ways sometimes.

Do you know of any other Hot Wheels remakes along these lines? Let us know in the comments below!

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Samuel Ace

Those are all great updated castings. 👍I like them all.👍

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Exciting new features at hobbyDB

We have several new features and designs that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Please leave your feedback in the comments section to let us know what you think and what you’d like to see added.

New hobbyDB Notification Alerts!

Now you can stay in the know when it comes to everything related to your collection. We know that we live in a world of email overload, so we developed a better way for you to get updates on everything hobbyDB! Enter hobbyDB Notifications! Now you can easily see all of your notifications within the hobbyDB environment. Looking to see if your item has shipped? Just look to the bell on the top right hand side of your screen to see if you have that familiar, red notification dot.

We’ll be rolling out new alerts every few weeks, so stay on the lookout for new ones! Got an idea for an alert you’d like to see? Add it to the comments below.

Current Alerts –

  • An item on your wish list is for sale
  • Everything around best offers including that your offer has been sent, received, accepted, or declined
  • Your purchase has shipped
  • Someone just added a new item to the page that you Curate (more on the Curation Nation here)
  • Tracking is needed for an item that you sold

New alerts to come include –

  • Alerts when your favorite sellers have new stuff for sale
  • Alerts when your favorite sellers have discounts available!
  • A brand that you love just added a new item to their Archive

And more!

Filters, Filters, Filters

With the all new ability to filter on mobile now available, it’s much easier to find your must-haves in the marketplace. So go ahead and explore the hobbyDB marketplace during your bus ride home.

New Collection and Wish List Management Design

New collection management and wish list designs are in the works! Hopefully you’ve already seen the sneak peek of your new collection management and wish list designs, but if you haven’t yet, you can find them in your buyer dashboard. The new wish list design is already rolled out, and the old collection management design will be retired over the next few weeks, so make sure to check out the shinier new experience when you get a chance. These new tools are designed to make managing your collection even easier! Coming next will be the ability the show off your collection with the all new profiles! You can read more about the new profile here.


Your Collection

You’ll be able to easily keep track of your collection with the all new collection management design. Next will be the ability to show off your collection with an all new user profile design.

And Your Wish List!

Keep a record of all of those collectibles that you crave in your hobbyDB wish list. Remember the best part about adding items to your wish list is that you get an email any time that item gets listed for sale.

More features will be coming soon! Let us know what you would like to see in the comments below!

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Great new features!  Love the alerts - now I don't have to check so often.

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Happy Birthday, Donald Duck! 85 Great Collectible Years

Donald Duck

Happy birthday, Donald Duck.

The world’s favorite quactogenarian was hatched 85 years ago from the mind of Walt Disney.

Donald DuckAn angry ball of anthropomorphic energy, it’s Donald Fauntleroy Duck, not Mickey Mouse, that has appeared in more films than any other Disney character. In fact, no other character outside the superhero genre has been published in more comics than Donald.

As a result of his immense popularity, Donald has been featured on just about any and every kind of collectible imaginable since his debut in “The Wise Little Hen” on June 9, 1934.

That classic looking Donald in his sailor outfit can be found as a Funko Pop!, but it’s about as easy to get your hands on as it was to get Donald to help the Wise Little Hen plant corn.

Donald DuckBut there’s so much more, ranging from print ads to lunchboxes and beyond. And that’s not including the thousands of Disney pins bearing the duck’s likeness.

Disney is celebrating his birthday with a Donald Duck 85th Anniversary Pin Set featuring five pins that’s limited to 1,600 pieces.

We’ve witnessed Donald dress up as Darth Maul; we’ve seen him on the back of matchbooks and behind the wheel of a Lancia Aurelia B24 Spyder.

We’ve been seeing – and loving – Donald Duck and his family for 85 quack-tastic years.

Happy birthday, Donald!

Shop Donald Duck on the hobbyDB Martketplace!

Donald Duck

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Goodbye, Pop! Television Shows We’ll Lose in 2019

Pop! Television

Game of Thrones isn’t the only TV show ending its watch in 2019 as several of our favorite binge-worthy programs take their Pop! television vinyl figures and head home.

George R.R. Martin’s fabled creation gave us more than 125 Pop! vinyl figures, including Ned Stark with and without his head. And the best part is that, even though the series has dramatically concluded, Funko is still releasing new Game of Thrones Pop!s.

This week the company introduced us to Theon (finally!) and a third – and arguably the most menacing – version of The Mountain that stands six-inches tall and unmasked.

Pop! TelevisionPop! TelevisionTheon

Pop In A Box (US)
Pop In A Box (UK)
Entertainment Earth

Preorder The Mountain

Pop In A Box (US)
Pop In A Box (UK)
Entertainment Earth


Game of Thrones isn’t the only Pop!ular show leaving the airwaves. It’s not even the only program exiting HBO as Veep turned off the lights in the Oval Office for the last time this spring. Selena Meyer might not have been the perfect politician, but both of her Pop! Figures are nearly flawless.

Orange Is The New Black

The cell door will slam shut for the final time this year on Orange Is The New Black. The Netflix series will bid adieu to Piper ChapmanAlex Vause and “Crazy Eyes” Warren with the seventh and final season beginning on July 26 – but not before being dubbed the most-watched Netflix original series of all time. Crazy Eyes is among six Orange Is The New Black Pop!s, including a Hot Topic variant with pie.

Pop! TelevisionBig Bang Theory

Sheldon and Leonard have been beamed up for the last time with the conclusion of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory. The gang left an indelible impression in television lore, as well as in the Funko universe with 29 Pop! vinyl figures.

None of them were more elusive than the Sheldon Cooper (Flash Shirt) excl. to Astro-Zombies. If you’re one of the 392 Pop Price Guide users that own him, consider yourself lucky.


The Dark Knight is not returning to Gotham as the Fox program ends its run after five seasons and 100 episodes. Check out all your favorite characters, in street clothes form, such as Bruce WayneJim Gordon and Selina Kyle that help comprise the six-Pop! set.

Mr. Robot

Rami Malek will eschew the glitter of Freddy Mercury to reprise the role of Elliot Alderson one last time on the hit cable show Mr. Robot. The USA Network drama lasted only four years and 44 episodes, but it made quite the impact.

Pop! TelevisionElliot’s masked and hooded look has created an easy identifiable, and somewhat sought after, San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.


Once you get past the fact that the zombie’s name is Liv Moore, the CW Network’s iZombie with ties to the world of DC Comics, can be quite entertaining.

The show ends its run after five seasons when Moore runs out of people in the world to eat. Ok, we made that last part up, but her four variant of Pop! figures are pretty stylish.

This article originally ran on the hobbyDB sister site Pop Price Guide.

Pop! Television

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