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Why is THAT one worth so much? Odd Reasons for Rare Collectibles

After some time in a hobby, collectors get a sense of the value of certain items. Some collectibles are intentionally made rare as limited editions, of course, which drives up the cost for obvious reason. In some cases, only a few of a particular item were ever made before the company made a change or cancelled […]

The Citroen Centipede: Adventures in Weird Test Cars

When Citroen first unveiled the DS in 1955, the design was impossible to ignore. The shape was beyond the scope of anything ever seen before, with its low slung, swoopy lines. Toss in the adjustable hydraulic suspension, and the future was right there on display. Not everyone loved the design, of course, but indifference was […]

Customizers Corner: What’s the Rarest Model You’ve Modified?

We’ve featured several diecast customizers over the last couple of months, covering works with a wide range of complexity and scale. Many of these folks start with fairly new, but not terribly expensive models (lots of Hot Wheels) and turn them into something more interesting and valuable. So here’s a question for all you customizers… What’s the oldest, […]

Hot Wheels vs Johnny Lightning: Toys and Motorsports

In 1970, Sports Illustrated ran a lengthy article regarding Hot Wheels vs Johnny Lightning … not just about toy cars, but the two companies’ involvement in sponsoring real motorsports teams. This article appeared in the Dec. 7, 1970 issue. HOT PACE IN A BIG MINI-RACE Never mind Indy, the real drive is for a $150 million market in […]

Ron Ruelle joins hobbyDB as Social Media Guy, Catalog Editor, and Collectibles Expert

Ron has been a cartoonist, illustrator, writer and graphic designer for various companies and publications in Boulder and all over the country. He has recently worked with the Boulder County Business Report and also teaches cartooning part time at Boulder Valley schools. As his title suggests, he’ll be in charge of blogging, tweeting, emailing and […]