The Catalog of Catalogs

Remember opening that box of Lego blocks and finding the instructions and maybe another booklet… a catalog of other Lego sets that were available? It was hard to decide: Play with those bricks right now or tear through that book and see what set you wanted to get next!

catalogsToy catalogs are a hot accessory to go along with your favorite collectibles. Several vintage and international Lego catalogs have been added to hobbyDB lately, but they’re not the only ones. Hot Wheels, Hubley, Schuco, and Matchbox are just a few catalogs on the site.

And auction catalogs, such as Christie’s, are a fun to see some really high-end collectibles.

You can easily spend hours digging through our catalog of catalogs as well.

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Colorado and Wyoming Lego Enthusiasts Meet at hobbyDB

About 25 members Lego enthusiasts gathered with their models.

About 25 members Lego enthusiasts gathered with their models.

The hobbyDB office was the scene for a meeting of COWLUG (Colorado and Wyoming Lego Users Group) on May 18. About 20 members brought their latest creations to share and show off.

There were several amazing custom spaceships, one of them inspired by the shape of a jellyfish. A rather nicely detailed fighter jet proved to be deceptively amazing as it could transform into a robot without being taken apart. Several custom steam locomotives were on track as well including one disguised as a large pirate ship.

And just in case anyone needed extra entertainment, someone even brought a drive-in theater with “The Lego Movie” playing on a concealed iPad.

Many of these models and tons of others from club members will be on display at the Denver Comic Con from May 22-24.

Is it a fighter jet...

Is it a fighter jet…

...or a robot?

…or a robot?

What's playing tonight? "The Lego Movie," of course!

What’s playing tonight? “The Lego Movie,” of course!

Lego Indy car with working engine, transmission, steering and suspension.

The “Brickyard Special”Indy car with working engine, transmission, steering and suspension.

Batman meets Star Wars.

Batman meets Star Wars.

Spaceship inspired by Purlpe Jellyfish.

Spaceship inspired by Purple Jellyfish.

If you like to join one of COWLUG’s regular meetings just go

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Matchbooks are the Hot New Collectible at hobbyDB

matchbookhobbyDB has added Matchbooks as our latest area of collectibles (not to be confused with Matchbox vehciles, of course). It seems like every restaurant, casino, hotel and bar used to have their own custom matchbooks, so there are thousands… maybe millions of different versions to be seen.

Dorri Partain will be our Subject Manager for this section, and we look forward to her adding her massive collection to the site. You can see her blog here. Of course, if you have a burning desire to add your own, we want to see those as well.

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Dorri Partain

Hi, I'm the KC Matchgirl and started my blog in July 2013. I create a new post every month, featuring favorites from around the country, and beyond. I hope you enjoy my blog and the hobbyDB site.

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The Radiator Springs Census

LMQEveryone at hobbyDB is a huge Cars fan. Which is why one of our first major projects making sure that we have a page on ever resident of Radiator Springs – not to mention all the characters who live elsewhere in the Cars universe, plus the designers, writers, producers, animators and everyone else who helped bring them to life!

As of right now, we’re up toabout 50 characters and 95 model cars, although by the time you read this, it’ll almost certainly be more! There should be plenty more other stuff too, since we’ll be covering every piece of merchandise from diecast models to plush toys – and as Cars has made over a billion dollars in merchandising sales, that’s a lot to keep us busy!

Luckily, we’ve got help coming in from Dean, Josh and the rest of the crew from the Cars The Toys Forum.

But we still need more so if you’re a Lightning McQueen fan and you enjoy cataloging, have a forum you’d like to get the word out on, or want to help in any way, just get in touch!

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Boydster 2 roars into Boyd Coddington Online Museum

Boydster_2_Cars_e7003106-3890-4960-a8a9-0f09dd9509bcThe Boydster 2 roared into the hobbyDB Boyd Coddington online musem at hobbyDB this week.

The Boydster 2 is a very curvaceous car due to the swooping fenders and running boards and a significantly channeled body. While at first glance it looks like an old ’32 Ford body, the entire thing was hand-crafted from steel. The design was such a hit that fiberglass replicas were available for purchase.

Our collection is organized and maintained by Boyd Coddington Jr., son of the late great customizer. We will add a new entry every week or so… not just the real cars, but also the miniature versions in diecast, kit, or whatever form they take. You can get the full story here.

The Boydster 1 was also added to the collection recently.

As much as we want to claim to be the experts on his full-sized cars, though, we still need some help completing the rest of our collection. Got a model of one of our cars that we haven’t listed? Did you score some sweet promotional materials at a car show? Got any amazing photos of his rides in action? You can log onto hobbyDB and post them!

You can also find the earlier entries and their related collectibles on our Coddington collection portal page.

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