All Orange Track Leads to Los Angeles!

When one of the largest collections of Hot Wheels collectors gathers in Los Angeles, hobbyDB will be there, offering live demonstrations and on site signup for the site. The 29th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention from September 30 to October 4, 2015 at the L.A. Airport Marriott.

Our booth is next to the registration area and the Hot Wheels Newsletter booth. Also, our official headquarters are in room 3012.

Hot Wheels customs

Hot Wheels customs

Christian Braun, one of the founders of hobbyDB, will be in attendance along with Robert Graves, who is one of the most knowledgeable Hot Wheels collectors on the planet! Graves, who you might also know from, is in the process of moving his collection to the hobbyDB database. The move should be close to complete by the time the convention rolls around.

We’ll be looking for Hot Wheels hotshots to help manage our website to keep the diecast neat and orderly and correct. Are you an Olds enthusiast? Or a Super Treasure Hunt Seeker? Maybe you collect every single variant of one particular casting. However you roll, we have a role for you!


As a bonus, each paid adult can bring one child 12 or under for no additional cost! For more information and to buy tickets, visit the Hot Wheels Convention website.

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Jim Garbaczewski, Hot Wheels Collector for Life

Tomart Hot Wheels

Jim is one of the editors of the Tomart’s Price Guide to Hot Wheels and a member of the hobbyDB Advisory Board.

Jim Garbaczewski started collecting Hot Wheels cars at an early age… early in the product’s lifetime. He got his first cars in 1968, when the original Redlines came out, and was instantly hooked.

“I picked up one of everything from 1968 to about 1974,” he says.”For several years, I only bought the ones I really liked. In ’89 or so, I got back into collecting in a serious way.” Over the years he has managed to fill in that 15 year gap and has stayed on top of new models ever since.

If his name sounds familiar, you might know him as one of the editors of Tomart’s Price Guide to Hot Wheels or as the publisher and editor of the Hot Wheels Newsletter. Jim’s Hot Wheels pedigree is also put to good use as a member of the hobbyDB Advisory Board.

40,000 Hot Wheels might sound excessive, but consider the fact that Jim used to collect action figures as well. “I had to make a decision, and in the late ‘90s, I started selling the figures.” His favorite castings include the original Redline Custom El Dorado (his early favorite), the ’69 Pontiac GTO (he used to drive one), and any Volkswagen Beetles (too many different castings to even list). For those three cars, he will also collect models from other brands and in other scales.

As a kid he got a lot enjoyment racing and playing with the cars, so it’s no surprise his collection contains a large number of vehicles out of their blisters. “A lot of times, I’d rather scoot a loose car around on my desk than stare at a bunch of packages on the wall.” Some things never change.

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KMJ Diecast Moves Store (& 40,000 Hot Wheels) to hobbyDB

“I started this website in 1997 to show off my collection,” says Kirk Smith of KMJ Diecast. It was just a hobby at the time, along with customizing various Hot Wheels models.

Some of Kirk's Chevy Nomads

Kirk’s Chevy Nomads

Then he started selling his extras on the site. Then it became a full time job. And somewhere along the way, KMJ became one of the most successful independent dealers in Hot Wheels.  After 15 years with ChannelAdvisor Kirk had wanted to find a better, more modern platform.

KMJ Diecast on ChannelAdvisor

KMJ Diecast on ChannelAdvisor

Kirk started looking for a new platform for selling. After weighing the pros and cons of various other platforms and initially going with a GoDaddy solution and then with Shopify, he decided the best choice was to open a store on As the fastest growing collector site on the web, hobbyDB’s catalog, database and marketplace for anything and everything collectible were a no-brainer for someone like Kirk. Especially since Kirk was invited to  work very closely with the hobbyDB dev team to make sure that the all important back-end features are soon as good as what is in the front-end.

kmj diecast hobbydb hot wheels seller

The new KMJ Diecast on hobbyDB

As a bonus, hobbyDB also offered a clearer, more easily managed site that is a huge upgrade over the design KMJ had been using. Inventory can be categorized infinite ways, and the store is easily searchable by customers.


Some of KMJ’s Stock waiting for a new owner

The hobbyDB team has been working long hours to help bring the KMJ inventory over to the new storefront before the current deal runs out. “I cannot say in words how grateful I am for their help,” said Kirk. “Everybody has put in 12 hour days to help move 40,000 plus Hot Wheels onto hobbyDB.  The site is getting better literally every day.  It’s very ambitious to want 100 billion collectibles on one site, but if anyone can do it I believe it’s these guys.”  Thanks, Kirk!

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Christian Braun

Kirk, thanks for your patience and all your good suggestions - many of which are on their way!

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Who Wants to be a Subject Curator?

So you know more than the average person about Matchbox Super Kings models? Are you the biggest fan of all things from Marx Toys? Do you have a trunk full of knowledge about Buicks?

If so, you should be a Subject Manager for hobbyDB!

Don't let important Subjects fall into neglect! Become a Subject Manager today!

Don’t let important Subjects fall into neglect! Become a Subject Manager today!

Curators are volunteers in charge of policing a designated section of our website to make sure the data is as clean, correct, and up to date as possible. As a Curator, we trust you to help edit mistakes, flag faulty entries, and fill in the blanks wherever you can.

If you want to tackle more than one subject, please let us know. And if there is already someone listed as a Curator of a Subject you are interested, that’s okay too… we can have more than one person patrolling our territories. The more the merrier, right?

A subject can be as Broad as the entire world of Ford Motor Company or as focused as a single year’s worth of Hot Wheels cars. Whatever your area of expertise, we want you on our team. Please contact us at and let’s get started!

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Jacques de Selliers Joins hobbyDB Advisory Board

clockarium copyJacques de Selliers, an expert in majoliclockophilia, has joined the hobbyDB Advisory Board. (If you aren’t familiar with that term, it means “connoisseur of faience clocks”… Not familiar with “faience?” It refers to objects with a “fine tin-glazed pottery on a delicate pale buff earthenware body.”)

More specifically, he curates the Clockarium, a museum of Art Deco ceramic clocks in Brussels. There are over a thousand different mantel clocks from the first half of the 20th Century in the museum. He is also one of the main contributors to a 2008 Visitor’s Guide to the museum, printed in French and Dutch.

Clockarium art deco clock collection

Just a small portion of the Clockarium Museum’s collection… The top seven shelves are circa 1927 to 1940, the two bottom shelves are circa 1950)

art deco clock Berlot French-Mussier.

The Clockarium is itself housed in a beautiful Art Deco building

We look forward to seeing more of the museum’s collection on hobbyDB!

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