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Always After Me St. Patrick’s Day Collectibles!

Ron Ruelle

Ron Ruelle hobbyDB

We’ve come to that time of year when everyone claims to be at least a tiny bit Irish, so this is as good a time as ever to look a St. Patrick’s Day Collectibles. There are a surprising number of them in the hobbyDB database, certainly more than the 1 percent or so of Irish heritage that most folks claim to justify participating in the holiday. In honor of that small percentage, some of these are only slightly related to the holiday.

st patrick's day pinsIf you’re a fan of Hard Rock Cafe, you know they’ve been producing limited edition pins for all occasions and locations for years. How many? We have over 80 thousand of them in our database. And yep, St. Patrick’s Day is a popular occasion there. Of all those pins, over 1,500 celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

st patrick's day Hot WheelsHot Wheels has offered limited edition vehicles for various holidays for several years now, with St. Paddy’s Day as one of the celebrated dates. At one point, the day got its own series of Clover Cars, but more recently, they have released a single car for a variety of holidays. Of course, one of their early Redline models was the Paddy Wagon, which deserves its own spot here. (And yes, it was available in green!)

st patrick's day fighting irishFor something bigger, check out the Fighting Irish Camaro funny car from Auto World. This 1/18 scale flopper takes you back to a time when dragsters had clover… er, clever names instead of just a big sponsor decal. You can also get one from them in slot car form.

Let’s get something straight here… Clovers and shamrocks are not the same thing. Well, they sort of are… Clovers have three leaves, Shamrocks are a kind of clover, but leaf count doesn’t matter. Wait, come back!

st patrick's day lucky charmsWhat better way to kick off the day than with a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal? Lucky, the appropriately named spokesleprechaun, has been immortalized several collectible ways. He’s a Funko Pop figure, a bobblehead, and the subject of various Hot Wheels cars over the years.

st patrick's day celtics popSpeaking of Lucky the Leprechaun, did you know that’s also the name of the Boston Celtics’ mascot? Several modern era Celtics are available in Pop form, but the real legends of the team like Larry Bird have not received that treatment yet. There are plenty of other collectibles related to them, however.

st patrick's day railwayFor railroad fans, check out this Bachmann Irish Railway set. It might not be based on an actual railroad, however. On the other hand, a model company called Irish Railway Models does in fact make a more plausible set of rolling stock.

 st patrick's day pins danicaA quick search of “Patrick” minus the “Saint” bit will turn up a lot of items related to Patricks Danica, Butch, and Star. Sure, this is all pretty peripheral, but not entirely irrelevant. Danica did drive a green car much of her career, so let’s go with it.

However you choose to celebrate, just feel lucky that that are so many collectibles out there for this day.

Do you have a favorite St. Patrick’s Day collectible we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

hobbyDB recognized as the most reliable Funko pricing resource

As many of you know, pricing is at the core of what we do. Providing trending values to people who collect all sorts of items from different fandoms is a passion of ours, as we know how important it is to understand the value of one’s collection. It is for that very reason that we are very excited to announce that Funko has recognized hobbyDB as the most trusted resource when it comes to providing estimated values to their community.


Through their all-new app experience, you’ll notice that all value estimates are provided by our Funko-focused brand, Pop Price Guide (or in short PPG).

The hobbyDB team will continue to make estimated values a top priority and are excited to announce more collectible brand partnerships in the coming months (stay tuned to our blog for announcements). Please read the Official Release about the Funko app here and about our approach to building the best price guide possible here.

Pops! For Patients and hobbyDB Team Up to Provide Toys to Kids in Hospitals


Randy Lee and Krysten Barrera founded POPS! for Patients after their own kids had extended stays in hospitals.

Sometimes you need a little fun to pop into your life to brighten your day. Especially if you’re a child spending a lot of time in the hospital.

That’s what Randy Lee, Co-Founder of POPS! For Patients, figured when he and fellow Co-Founder, Krysten Barrera, came up with the idea for their toy donation cause.  Lee and Barrera had the experience of seeing their own children struggle during extended hospital stays. “We both personally know how sad it is to be stuck in the hospital, so we decided to give back and bring joy to kids in the form of POPS!” he said. “I helped my good friend and fellow P4P team member, Dustin Taylor, with a Toys For Tots benefit show in honor of his son several years ago. It was a great success so I felt extremely confident going into this that we could succeed.”

popsforpatientsSince August of 2016, they have donated almost 10,000 Pop! figures. That’s ten… thousand in two years! The two had been donating by themselves for a few months before going public with the idea.

Why Funko Pop! figures, specifically? Kids love them, of course. And it shouldn’t surprise anyone to find out Lee is an avid fan and collector of the toys. He doesn’t accumulate them for himself quite as much lately, however. “I’ve been collecting for three years but recently slowed down significantly to focus on having the necessary funds required to attend all of the shows and events we are being invited to lately,” he said. “It’s a trade-off I’m happy to make!”

The toys currently go to whichever hospital the teams in any specific area collect for. “We have hubs all across the world including ones in San Diego, Colorado, New York, Canada, and Brazil. to name a few. And more coming soon!” The Colorado connection has just been strengthened courtesy of hobbyDB. When Rodney Porter from Appleseed Collectibles talked about P4P (as they sometimes refer to), Christian of hobbyDB felt a kindred spirit. “As collectors, we try to avoid growing up sometimes,” he believes. “But it is important to act grown up. What Randy and his team do is fantastic, and we wanted to help by doing what we do best.” So to that end, the two organizations found a way to be a partner in POPS!


Kayla Fuller, of WVLT, Knoxville, joined Krysten Barrera  and Randy Lee to distribute Pop! figures at a hospital in Tennessee.

hobbyDB, a website concerning anything and everything collectible, including vinyl art toys, is a natural fit for such an endeavor. It’s an ever-growing database of every variant of any given toy or collectible, as well as a marketplace for folks to buy and sell. And Pop! figures are a huge part of that model.

“We are so excited about the idea of a private seller-fueled Funko Pop! marketplace that will result in POP! donations. It’s a no-brainer partnership” Here’s how it works: If you’re shopping for POP! figures on hobbyDB, you can visit the POPS! For Patients Marketplace, and part of the proceeds from any purchase will go towards buying figures for the P4P program. It won’t cost you anything extra…. just shop for Pops!


According to Lee, there are other ways to help out as well. You can send them POP! figures in the mail to distribute at two different children’s hospitals in Tennessee. If you want to donate figures directly, they do have a few rules: The characters must be kid-friendly (Sorry, Pennywise, even if you are a clown), and they must be in sealed boxes (for sanitary reasons, not for collector value). Other Funko lines such as Dorbz and Wacky Wobblers are fine as well, as long as they meet these criteria.


Knoxville’s Tall Man Toys & Comics and Lexington’s Heroes Realm teamed up to support P4P.

You can also form a team in your area to help them spread the cheer. Details of all the ways you can help are available on their website at The P4P team also encourages you to get involved and support your own local Children’s Hospital. They can be contacted at

Should you unbox your Funko Pop! figures?

It’s not just Funko Pop! collectors; everyone who seriously collects contemplates leaving their figures boxed. So should you unbox your Funko Pop! figures?

Edward scissorhands popAfter all, you always hear stories in the collecting space about mint condition items selling for thousands of dollars. Certain collectibles are basically worthless unless they are in the package, proving their provenance. Funko Pop! figures, on the other hand, are a bit of a special case. They are so numerous that collectors often find themselves wondering if they should really unbox them or not… albeit, for reasons, unlike any other collectible.

So should you unbox your Funko Pop! figures? Well…it depends.

batman funko pop collectionLet’s first address the elephant in the room: don’t just bank on your figure being worth money someday. Sure, there are some really rare Funko Pop! figures, and it is a lot of fun to keep a scarce Pop! in good condition. But even if you do snag a rare figure, there are still so many Funko Pop!s out there that finding a buyer is its own hunt. Remember, it’s not enough that a figure is worth $50, you have to find someone willing to pay $50, and many collectors limit their collection to certain brands or series of vinyls.

If keeping your figures in mint condition and/or trading them at swap meets is fun to you, then definitely keep these things boxed. But should you feel like you’re throwing away your fortune by choosing to unbox? No, not at all.

loose funko pop collectionWhat makes Pop! figures unique, however, is that collectors may still choose to keep them boxed despite having no intention to ever sell them! Simply put, the box is as much of a collectible as the figure itself. Not only is there enough translucent space to keep the figure visible, but it’s also conveniently shaped to be stacked or placed on a shelf without fear of it tumbling. A box is also somewhat easier to dust and clean than a figure. Combine all of these features with the fact that the box itself is still aesthetically pleasing, and it’s easy to see why many collectors prefer boxed figures.

“But hold on,” you might ask, “that sounds great and all, but I want to actually hold my figures and appreciate them!” And to be honest, you’d be right; you should be free to enjoy your figures however you want. That’s the other great thing about Funko Pop! boxes: it’s easy to put your figures back into the box, even after opening! It’s so easy, in fact, that you might be able to trick your friends into thinking you have a mint figure even if you’d previously taken it out of the box. In other words, choosing to unbox isn’t a “permanent” decision like it is with other figures. Enjoy the best of both worlds without any reservations.

funko pop marvel collectionIn the end, choosing to unbox your figure (or not) should be 100% dependent on your personal preference. Funko Pop! figures can appreciate in value, but unless you’re a savvy seller and trader, we wouldn’t advocate keeping figures boxed for that reason. On the other hand, there are a lot of advantages to keeping the box, so don’t throw it away, either! Just do whatever feels right to you, and we’re sure you’ll be happy.

How To Collect On A Budget and Still Have Fun

For people who are on a limited budget, collecting doesn’t need to be a financially stressful hobby. You can collect on a budget and enjoy it immensely.

It’s easy to rack up a tab on even cheap collectibles if you aren’t careful. Magic the Gathering booster packs can add up to hundreds of dollars, and those huge stacks of Tsum Tsums are worth more than a fancy new car in some cases. At what point does collecting become fiscally irresponsible, and how can a young person working with a fixed income also experience the thrills of collecting? Fortunately, amassing both a savings and a collection are not mutually exclusive endeavors, and we’re here to help you find the happy medium that many collectors enjoy.

Step 1: Limit the scope of your collection

kenner ssp collectionFor anyone looking to build a collection without spending too much money, it’s essential to clarify exactly what you want to collect.

As an example, Funko Pop! figurines are extremely popular collectibles due to their low price point, but building a complete collection is unrealistic for all but the wealthiest collectors. Even if each figure only costs $9-$12, there are literally thousands of unique Funko Pops out there! This is no reason for the average collector to shy away from collecting Funko Pops, of course; you just have to set a realistic goal for yourself.

Perhaps you may decide to only collect your favorite characters while holding off on less tempting figures. You may also decide to only collect one specific series of Funko Pops before moving on to another series. Maybe you’ll pick an entirely different criteria that appeals to you while limiting your scope! Either way, setting specific goals for any collectible prevents the hobby from feeling too overwhelming, and your wallet will be happy with your careful planning and foresight.

Step 2: Set a Budget

collecting budgetOkay, this is probably a no brainer if you are already on a budget, but it’s an essential point to clarify either way.

In short, ask yourself how much you are comfortable with putting towards collectibles on a weekly or monthly basis. Even if we’re only talking about a couple dollars a week, it’s important for you to be honest with yourself and your budget. Allocating your money this way will keep you from overspending, and you’ll be able to enjoy the thrill of filling your collection on a consistent basis.

hobbydb marketplace

Step 3: Shop Around

While a local comic book store may have many items that interest you, it would be foolhardy to exclusively shop at one venue for your collectibles. Fortunately, with the explosion of the internet over the past 20 years, modern collectors have a plethora of digital storefronts at their fingertips. While big names like Amazon and eBay may have been traditional starting points for online collectibles, a site like hobbyDB, designed by collectors, for collectors is a more focused way to bring buyers and sellers and enthusiasts together.

Pop Price Guide

Step 4: Do Your Research

The marketplace is a strange unusual thing. One minute an item is selling for a sky-high price, then another minute the market gets flooded and prices plummet before rising back up again. As a potential buyer, your goal is to capitalize when prices are low.

It may sound like we’re talking about the stock market here, but the principles apply regardless. Keeping a tab on the value of your most wanted collectibles is a great way to ensure you get a good deal, as you’ll have a greater chance of knowing when a price drop occurs that you can take advantage of. To help you out, there are numerous resources available online that track the price history of collectibles and inform you when prices are high or low. For instance, if you’re interested in Pop! figures, lets you look up every individual card and see how the prices have fluctuated for up to a year. Anyone who’s looking to avoid overpaying for their items has everything to gain by informing their purchasing decisions.


Step 5: Have Fun!

At the end of the day, collecting is something that we do for fun. The joy of adding a new item to your collection cannot be matched, and there’s no reason for the hobby to cause you undue stress.

The tips we’ve described above are designed to enrich your collecting experience while saving you a few dollars, but remember, there’s no singular “right” way to collect. Get into a groove that works for you, and remember to enjoy yourself along the way. Even if all the Funko Pops in the world can’t be yours, relish the special collection you built with the figures you chose especially for yourself.