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Newly Added to hobbyDB – Transformers, FunkoWeen and Vintage Star Wars


The Force was strong with hobbyDB this week, with hundreds of new items arriving in the database from Funko’s annual FunkoWeen reveals to vintage Kenner Return of the Jedi action figures.

Among the new items is Pop! Red Miller, the first Funko exclusive from good hobbyDB friend Legion M. Read more about the exclusive here. A special shout-out also goes out to hobbyDB Squad member Alpha23 for adding more than 440 Speedeez diecast models to the database!

We share some of our favorites from the week. See all of the latest new additions to the guide by following this link.


Pop! Mandy – Evil Red Miller



Pop! Dia de Los DC – Batman

DC Comics Funko


Kenner – Return of the Jedi 1983

Kenner Star Wars

Kenner Star Wars Return of the Jedi






Aston Martin DB7



Hard Rock Café Pins

1st City Scene Guitar Bottle Opener Magnet

Hard Rock Cafe


Steampunk Bear 1

Hard Rock Café


Hot Wheels

Lamborghini Reventon

Hot Wheels


Ain’t Fare (Ryu Asada)

Hot Wheels


Super7 ReAction Figures – Transformers

Megatron (MC-12 Gun Robo P-389)

Super7 ReAction Figures

Super7 ReAction Figures

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Newly Added to hobbyDB this Week: Funko, Hot Wheels and Masters of the Universe


It was another busy week at hobbyDB with hundreds of new items added to the ever-increasing database.

New collectibles ran the gamut of our favorite franchises and brands from Funko, Hot Wheels and Hard Rock Café pins to lots more fun stuff.

We take a look at some of our new additions to the hobbyDB database from the previous week –

See the latest here –

Hasbro – Power of the Jedi

Hasbro Power of the Jedi

Star Wars Hasbro


Signature Series 37 – John Lennon Imagine (Clone) (2021)

Hard Rock Café Pins


Grand Opening Staff – HRC Northern Indiana ($200)

Hard Rock Café Pins



1970 Mustand Mach 1

Hot Wheels

Mercedes-Benz 200 SEL 6.8 AMG

Hot Wheels



MOTU Eternia Minis

Mattel Masters of the Universe MOTU

MOTU Revelation

Mattel Masters of the Universe MOTU

MOTU – Origins

Mattel Masters of the Universe MOTU


Pop! Art Series

Donald Duck

Funko Pop! Disney

Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration

Ariel (Diamond Glitter)

Disney Princess Little Mermaid

Are you an expert on any of these items, franchises or more? We’re always seeking volunteer hobbyDB Squad members to help us fill out, add to and maintain the hobbyDB database. Tell us your passion and we’ll get you all set up! If interested, message us at support@hobbydb.com.

The New & Improved Estimated Values for Hard Rock Cafe Glasses, Pins, Magnets et al

When the Hard Rock Cafe reached out to us if we could take over the management of their Pin Catalog we were excited. The catalog had good data and a great team (the Pin Masters).  It also had the equivalent to our Estimated Value but it was all based on self-reported prices, sometimes what a user had paid for their pin, sometimes the retail price and sometimes the perceived value.  Those are generally the kind of prices we are not adding to hobbyDB as they cannot be confirmed and as there is a conflict of interest (more on that here).

So besides adding other HRC merchandise such as Glasses and Magnets we were keen to start adding real Price Points.  And that is what a group of 12 Pin Masters has done!  They have already added more than 106,000 Price Points for HRC merch!  And as these are more recent Price Points than the ones from the old Catalog most prices are now true market prices.

Here some examples  –

Nashville 2021 Hello Kitty Traveler Series

This pin perfectly illustrates the value of seeing and understanding the price curve of newer items. This pin is part of a popular series that debuted in January. As is often the case with new pins, especially series pins, eBay sales prices were nearly double the retail price out of the gate ($30 vs. $16) and are now settling down.


Oasis 2000 Opening Staff Squirrel

This example illustrates both the issue of the old Hard Rock Pin Catalog values (for pins 2018 and older) being subjective/inflated and an overall decline in a general fall in the value of older pins prior to the Pandemic and that seems to have slightly accelerated in pace, particular for pins that are more common or not highly limited.  The old catalog value was $182 but the last five eBay sales over a nearly two-year period have not exceeded $100 each, and the total valuation is down to $90.


Berlin Checkpoint Charlie 2020 Core Logo Shot Glass

These logo shot glasses generally sell for under $10 but this Berlin Checkpoint Charlie version is generally selling around $20 to $25. Berlin Checkpoint Charlie is a standalone Rock Shop that opened in Q4 2020 in Berlin, right at the Checkpoint, near where there eventually will be a Hard Rock Hotel. Merchandise for this location is generally been sought after as almost nobody had been traveling there.

Here is a Big Thank You to the Pin Masters that worked on this data  –


And if you like to help with this or managing a Hard Rock location or with adding other HRC Merch (T-Shirts anybody?) reach out to us or one of the Pin Masters!

Top-10 Most Valuable St. Patrick’s Day Hard Rock Café Pins

Hard Rock Cafe Pins

You don’t have to be sham-rocking out in Dublin’s Hard Rock Café this St. Patrick’s Day to enjoy some of the best HRC pins taking center stage.

We’re raising our glasses to toast the Top-10 Most Valuable St. Patrick’s Day Hard Rock Café pins currently found on hobbyDB.

Unlike the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, St. Patrick’s Day-themed Hard Rock pins are plentiful with close to 600 found within the hobbyDB database. If you have a few of the scarcer pins, however, you may very well have harnessed some luck of the Irish of your own.

Remember, estimated values are always fluctuating, especially as we add more and more price points to the database. Click here to check out our current list of the Most Valuable St. Patrick’s Day Hard Rock Café Pins


10. St. Patrick’s Day 2009 – Girl on Motorcycle Pin ($40)

Hard Rock Cafe Pins

9. St. Patrick’s Day Parade (Non-Clone) ($46)

Hard Rock Cafe Pins

8. St. Patrick’s Day 2001 – Leprechaun Sitting on Guitar ($50)

Hard Rock Cafe Pins

7. Waitress with Brown Guitar – Prototype ($55)

Hard Rock Cafe Pins

6. St. Patrick’s Girl on Shamrock – Prototype ($80)

Hard Rock Cafe Pins

5. Les Paul FCP – Green with White Banner ($85)

Hard Rock Cafe Pins

4. St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Band 2 of 3 – Flute Prototype ($100)

Hard Rock Cafe Pins

3. St. Patrick’s Day 2003 Leprechaun Guitar (Error) ($100)

Hard Rock Cafe Pins

2. St. Patrick’s Day Horseshoe Pin – Prototype ($110)

Hard Rock Cafe Pins

1. St. Patrick’s Day “Pot of Gold” – Prototype ($150)

Hard Rock Cafe Pins

As great as this pin looks, unfortunately, this prototype was never produced.

Make sure to peruse the entire Hard Rock Cafe Pin database where you’ll discover more than 90,000 HRC items. Do you have a favorite St. Patrick’s Day Hard Rock Café Pin? Show us in the comments below!!

National Guitar Day: Top 10 Most Valuable Hard Rock Café Pins on hobbyDB

Hard Rock Cafe

It’s National Guitar Day and we’re rocking out to one of the most popular and plentiful items found in the hobbyDB database…the Hard Rock Café Guitar Pin!!

On hobbyDB, you’ll find close to 35,000 HRC guitar-themed pins — 34,917 to be exact, or roughly a third of all pins on hobbyDB — dedicated to guitars, picks and music icons representing the Hard Rock Café from across the globe and the alien world beyond.

Here are the Top-10 most valuable Hard Rock Café Guitar pins currently found on hobbyDB –


10. Black and Gold Large Plastic Double Neck Guitar w/ ST ($650)

This Double-Guitar “Opening Staff” style pin was created in 1989 and only distributed to staff members, including those at the Hard Rock Acapulco. They came with a rarity of just 1,000 made.

Hard Rock Cafe9. USA 3-D Skyline Series Framed Set ($770)

This collection takes the HRC USA Skyline Guitar Series and re-imagines them in gold, rather than the original silver. This framed set is one of 60 Official Framed sets found on hobbyDB.

Hard Rock Cafe

8. 14K White Gold Flying V Guitar with Ruby ($930)

A part of the Hard Rock Online Exclusives series, only five of these pins were produced between 2004 and 2005. The classic Flying V style pin was packaged in a lacquered red maple box with a COA.

Hard Rock Cafe

7. 14K Gold Guitar ($1,000)

The 14K Gold Guitar featured white gold with a blue sapphire gemstone. The pin was originally given to select flight attendants as part of a Hard Rock Café program that sold meals aboard flights.

Hard Rock Cafe

6. No Name Les Paul – White Logo Prototype ($1,000)

The No Name Les Paul Guitar series were the first pins to be sold retail in the world. You’ll find close to 40 of them on hobbyDB, but none with an estimated value higher than the White Logo Prototype created by Gift Creations.

Read more about the history of their creation here.

No Name Les Paul


5. 14K Gold Flying V Guitar with Diamond ($1,000)

This pin was made of solid 14K gold with a 30-point diamond center stone and arrived with a rarity of just five produced. It was sold exclusively online and packaged in a lacquered Burley Maple box with a COA.

Hard Rock Cafe


4. Africa Shaped Guitar with “Live Aid” ($1,200)

This sterling silver pin is shaped like the African continent to commemorate the 1985 Live Aid concert. It most recently sold for $1,200 in February of 2018.

Hard Rock Cafe


3. Place Guitar Series Prototype ($1,400)

The Place Guitar Series Prototype is a rare set of six pins that’s exclusive to the Specialized Local Café Series, specifically Hard Rock Café Berlin.

With a $1,400 estimated value, this collection closely trails No. 2 on the list, which conveniently happens to be…

Hard Rock Cafe


2. Place Guitar Series 1 Prototype ($1,800)

Arriving a year later in 2014, this prototype set was released exclusively at an event at the Hard Rock Café Berlin.

Hard Rock Cafe


1. Jeweled – Breast Cancer Awareness Guitar ($5,125)

What’s the Hard Rock Café Guitar pin that’s laying down the sweetest riff? That would be the Jeweled – Breast Cancer Awareness Guitar.

The one-of-a-kind pin made its debut in September of 2018 at a Pinktober launch party hosted by Melissa Etheridge at the Hollywood Hard Rock Café. A month later its auction closed at $5,125 — with all of its proceeds going towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Hard Rock Cafe


Make sure to peruse hobbyDB’s entire Hard Rock Café database by following the highlighted link, as well as close to 380 Hard Rock Cafe subject pages.