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Free Pin Offer with Hard Rock Cafe Memorial Day Special

hobbyDB is helping to celebrate this year’s holiday with an exclusive Hard Rock Cafe Memorial Day Special.

Starting on May 19 and continuing through May 27, you’ll receive a free pin of your choice when you spend $50 or more! Make sure to use the coupon code “hdbfreepin” to claim your free pin.

Peruse our entire Hard Rock Cafe pin catalog here, including recent 2020 releases.

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We are always looking for passionate collectors to help ensure that the Hard Rock Cafe pin database is accurate and up-to-date. Our devoted volunteers are our lifeblood and we’re very grateful for their time and energy. Want to get involved in helping us craft the best resource for pin collectors worldwide? Let us know, we’d love to have you on board!

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Every Collector Benefits as hobbyDB Database Expands into New Territory

Ron Ruelle

Ron Ruelle hobbyDB

A couple weeks ago, we told you about hobbyDB’s endeavor to add every collectible shot glass from Hard Rock Cafe to the hobbyDB database. In their typical fashion, Hard Rock has created thousands of different designs, including each location, year, and event when possible. Combined with their pins and other collectibles, the hobbyDB database has surpassed 80,000 different Hard Rock collectibles.

hobbydb expansionMany long-time users discovered hobbyDB when diecast vehicles were far and away our biggest subject, and Hot Wheels dominated those listings. In fact, a quick check of our database shows close to 50,000 items when “Hot Wheels” is punched into the search bar which is a lot!

But we’ve come a long way in the last five years. Now with more than 500,000 items and subjects in the database, we’re working to add all sorts of different collectibles. Here’s a quick look at how we got here.

hobbydb sloganFirst, a reminder of hobbyDB’s mission… our slogan, found at the bottom of the main page is “Over 100 Billion Collectibles… Eventually.” And that includes every kind of documentable collectible under the sun. The very first items in the database years ago were from a collection of James Bond Corgi cars. Sprinkled in with those were some View Master reels, corkscrews, and chess sets.

We then moved to diecast cars, particularly Hot Wheels, and quickly became an authoritative source for information on those. Why? Because hobbyDB grew from a diecast website, and our founders have always had a keen interest in diecast, and that brand had the best and most complete data available at the time.  We integrated data from Diecastlovers, Gary’s Cars, Model Pack Rat and South Texas Diecast.

hobbyDB has and will always be a user-driven site. We count on collectors to see where there are holes and add their own items to fill in the blanks. And we have a data team that does the same thing, keeping track of the current offerings as they come out.

dysentery pac man x box commodore 16After working to build out our giant Hot Wheels database, it was time to add video games! So, we partnered with the owner of Hugada (the HUgh GAme DAtabase), to import the result of his long years of adding video games that included fan favorites such as Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda.

Another way we expand is by partnering with companies who see the value in having their entire inventory documented not just on their own site, but alongside other seemingly unrelated topics. Kidrobot, conveniently located in Colorado, also home of hobbyDB Headquarters, was one of our first big partners. Their online archives were incomplete and randomly documented enough that some of their history was in danger of being lost over time. So they partnered with us to form one of our first Official Archives. These archives (and there are a lot of them now) are the result of a collectible company providing the data to us so we can provide that data an organized home.

We’ve also partnered with Funko to add not only their complete archive, but up to date pricing information on their vinyl art toys, old and new to their App.

The benefits of Official Archives are many… the data is accurate and complete because it comes directly from the horse’s mouth. And it’s going to stay up-to-date, as the companies can easily provide listings of new and upcoming products as they are announced. And one of the best parts is any entry can be cross-referenced with other collectibles in the database.

July 4 hard rock cafe

The Hard Rock Cafe items came about another way, though. In this case, we found a community of dedicated collectors of their pins (Pin Masters) who were looking for a new home. So they decided to locate it all on hobbyDB in a standard format with easy search functions and cross-referencing. The result is over 80,000 pins and other collectibles.

Over the past year, we’ve worked hard to add more pop culture brands as well. These include Dark Horse Deluxe, Diamond Select Toys, Garbage Pail Kids (in cooperation with Geepeekay.com), Hot Toys, Eaglemoss, Kotobukiya, Mego, NECA and more!

We are now adding model boats, Lego minifigs, film posters and much, much more! If you have some collectibles that you’d like to add to the database, join us! Find out more about how to become a Contributor here.


Interested in joining forces with hobbyDB to take charge of our collectible destiny? Learn more at our Wefunder profile.

Cheers to the New Hard Rock Cafe Shot Glass Showcase on hobbyDB

Over the last year, hobbyDB has become the home of a giant collection of commemorative pins from the Hard Rock Cafe, with over 80,000 entries in the database. The same kind of fervor that drives those collectors to build and maintain our database has now become a large online Hard Rock Cafe shot glass inventory.

hard rock cafe shot glassThe online community of Hard Rock pin collectors is monitored and maintained by Pin Masters, who are some of the most devoted experts in the hobby. Some of them also overlap into other collectibles, which brings us to the shot glasses.

hard rock cafe shot glassAs they do with the pins, Hard Rock issues commemorative designs for events and holidays for several if not all their locations. So the total number of variants adds up quickly. As of now, there are over 1,000 shot glasses in the hobbyDB database and counting. There are about 4,000 Hard Rock shot glass designs that should eventually be added to hobbyDB.

hard rock cafe shot glassMost of the glasses are of the tall, thin variety instead of the shorter, more traditional shape. Designs range from simple (the Hard Rock logo with the city name underneath) to very elaborate (specific City Shot graphics). And there is some crossover to the categories as there are pins that are shaped like the glasses.

Our curators for these subjects are branching out to other areas as well. Some of the Pin Masters also collect other subjects such as Disney or Olympic commemorative designs and are working on adding their collections to ours. Similarly, several of these collectors have interest in other kinds of shot glasses, so expect to see those show up soon.

This kind of community involvement is how the hobbyDB database grows. Collectors see a need for their particular interest to be represented, other collectors see the database expand, and they get involved as well.

hard rock cafe shot glassThe great thing about hobbyDB’s database is everything is cross-referenced with other collectibles by theme, location, design, or whatever those things have in common. And there’s a good chance whatever you find will be available in the Marketplace.

hard rock cafe shot glassThe official curators for the Hard Rock Cafe Shot Glass Archive include a couple of Pin Masters, Denise Black, (demiroff) and Carmen Fazio, (hrc4faz). Three other hardcore Hard Rock Curators include  Jeff OxfordRene Schwinge, Paul Hillgren (HRC_shot_collector). Their personal showcases show off everything they collect in addition to the glasses.

So cheers to our devoted collectors and Curators who help hobbyDB grow into the world’s largest online collection of, well, just about everything. Bottoms up!

Interested in joining forces with hobbyDB to take charge of our collectible destiny? Learn more at our Wefunder profile.

Hard Rock Cafe Returns Home With New Piccadilly Circus Locale

The Hard Rock Café celebrates its birthday in grand style this month, returning to the city where it all began close to five decades ago.

Westminster’s Piccadilly Circus is the latest home for the Hard Rock Cafe, and finds itself located a mere 10-minute Tube ride from the original Hard Rock Café on London’s Old Park Lane.

Where the first-ever Hard Rock got its start in June of 1971 thanks to the likes of Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend – who requested to have their guitars hung near their own personal tables – the new Piccadilly restaurant promises artifacts such as Lady Gaga’s boots, David Bowie’s flame suit and a pair of Jimi Hendrix’ pants.

Hard Rock Cafe Piccadilly Circus

To celebrate the opening of its third London location, the world-renowned restaurant is introducing a new collection of core and limited edition Hard Rock Café pins.

The Piccadilly set features 19 core pins that will always be available at the new location, as well as 18 limited edition pins offered as a one-time buy. The Hard Rock Café will make these pins available for sale during its grand opening on June 22  in London (Ed. a little bit of a moving target, we will confirm as soon as we hear news).

We reached out to the team at Hard Rock and have been working with Yani (Director of Merchandising) and Mandy (Pin Category Manager) to start bringing you the new pins as soon as they are approved (this is a first us and we are super excited!).  Also thanks to Blossomgirl for adding these new pins to the database (two additional series are debuting early next week!).

Check out these super nice new pins here and let us know which one is your new favorite in the comments below!

Hard Rock Pin Catalog Finds New Location at hobbyDB.com

hard rock cafe pinEven with the word “cafe” in the name, many people see Hard Rock Cafe as more of a museum of music and pop culture. With unique memorabilia in each restaurant, casino or hotel worldwide, it’s worth a trip any time you’re in a city that has one. And while there, it’s always fun to look at the collectibles that are also unique to each one. About that one of a kind, not-for-sale memorabilia… Hardrock.com has a channel called RPM that features articles and videos about the collection, a virtual museum tour if you can’t be there in person. 

hard rock cafe pinThe website is something more than a museum with additional stories of concert reviews, music history, upcoming concert listings and more. Each location tailors its collection to the music that rocked from that town (though they display a wide variety of other influence as well). Detroit has a heavy Motown influence to their items, while San Francisco caters heavily towards psychedelic rock, while Denver features a smashed typewriter from local gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson (which is more than a little bit rock n’ roll).

hard rock cafe pin pink caddyhobbyDB.com is working hard to add the entire gamut of Hard Rock Cafe collectibles to the database, starting with the Hard Rock Pin Catalog. Since 2001, the Catalog has documented over 84,000 pins. Eighty. Four. Thousand.

This massive undertaking is a joint effort between the tireless Data Team at hobbyDB and an organization known as the Pin Masters. Each volunteer is responsible for staying current on one of the over 250 Hard Rock global locations. And there’s a Pin Master Advisory Board to monitor and organize their efforts.

While there are countless other Hard Rock collectibles, the pins are easily one of the most popular. For now, the Pin Catalog only documents those items. But hobbyDB is expanding on that theme with shot glasses, magnets, stuffed characters, T-Shirts and anything else available.

hobbyDB also cross-references each collectible with other relevant items… people, bands, cities, themes, and other collectibles beyond the Hard Rock empire. So if you’re into  Elvis Presley for example, any relevant item including pins or toy cars will show up. 

And hobbyDB is also a marketplace to buy or sell these items or anything collectible. Sellers might have a few items or tens of thousands, either way it is easy to set up shop as you only have to find your item in the catalog and click on the sell-one-of-these button.

Hey, if your a collector you can help us! Anyone from novice collectors to hard rock… er, hardcore enthusiasts can contribute to the effort either by adding items to hobbyDB’s database or by working with the HRC Catalog.

hard rock cafe elvis stuffy