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We Built a List of the 14 Coolest Lego Car Kits Ever!

Ron Ruelle

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The earliest Lego blocks did not lend themselves to building vehicles. In fact, wheels were kind of an afterthought at first. But as different size wheels and tires became available, all you needed to build an awesome car was some imagination and maybe a few special new bricks. There have been many automotive building sets offered over the years, but these are the coolest Lego car kits (and maybe a bus or two).

lego auto chassisTechnic Auto Chassis (Set #853) – Hard to believe this set debuted in 1977. Though the technology is a bit primitive by today’s standards, the first Technic sets were mind blowers and game-changers with their gears and side-locking bricks. This car had moving pistons, a two-speed transmission, working steering, and a few other features. Assembling it gave you the sense of how complicated a real car is. It remains one of the largest car models Lego has ever offered, even if it’s not a complete car.

lego volkswagen bus camperVolkswagen T1 Camper (10220) – The Creator series of Lego models has led to some incredibly detailed brick versions of of iconic vehicles. They’re not cheap, but they are glorious. The Volkswagen Splitty Bus is one of the most recognizable vehicles ever, and Lego captured its simple elegance with some complex engineering. The camper interior with pop top is a sight to behold.

lego mini cooperMini Cooper (10242) – Just about everything said about the VW Bus can be said about this model, except… just look at those plaid seats! Wow!

Shelby Mustang (10265) – This is one of the newest entries on the list, and one of the few American cars Lego has made. It captures just enough detail that it can’t be mistaken anything other than a ’67-68 version of the car, which is a really impressive feat.

lego friends party busFriends Pop Up Party Bus (70828)The Lego Movie and its sequel are a couple of ridiculous adventures made even more fun by the presence of models designed or inspired by kids. Among the most bonkers is this crazy party bus. It’s the product the kind of giddy imagination that makes Lego toys so popular in the first place.

lego city carSmall Car (3177) – One criticism of recent Lego vehicles designed for Minifig size is they have gotten really huge, to the point of being way out of scale. This tiny marvel looks a lot like a Smart Car, and at only 4 studs wide and 8 studs in length, it feels perfectly scaled for the Doctor Minifig which is included. Sometimes less is more!

lego cactus canyonCactus Canyon SUV (1720) – This rugged-looking compact off-roader came with all sorts of accessories that could attach to the sides, be tossed inside, or ride along with the included quad-runner. Throw in a kayak that could fit on the roof, and this was truly an adventure in a box.

lego ghostbusters ecto 1Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (21108) – On the other hand, among Lego cars that grew a bit larger in scale, this 1959 Caddy ambulance still shows remarkable restraint size-wise. And it has just enough blockiness to capture that “Lego” feel.

lego harry potter whomping willowHarry Potter Ford Anglia (75953) – The wonkiness of the Anglia’s design is captured perfectly in brick form in the Whomping Willow set. In fact, Lego has offered three slightly different versions of this car in other sets, as well as by itself (not branded as a Harry Potter set).

lego 1989 batmobile1989 Batmobile (76139, 40433) – Y’know what… to heck with proper scale for movie cars. This enormous beast, made of over 3,300 bricks, is huge and impressive. It comes with Minifigs of Batman, Vicki Vale, and the Joker and doesn’t even pretend they’re supposed to be anything more than decorative accessories.

lego burton batmobileSpeaking of accessories, this kit originally came with a bonus set, a smaller Batmobile that actually was properly scaled to those Figs. Where do you get those wonderful toys?

lego city porsche 9111974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 (75895) – Scaling things back a bit, this small 911 model comes in at just 6 studs wide (and it’s based on a car with fender flares, so it should be kinda thick). There are some really clever design solutions, especially around the headlights, that make this a perfect Lego car. And it comes with tiny orange traffic cones to drive around.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS (42056) – On the other end of the 911 spectrum, some people though this gigantic model looked a bit crude for its large scale, but Porsche is really about the performance. And this model really delivers…

lego technic porsche 911 transmissionHow about a working 6-speed (!!) transmission operated by paddle shifters (!!) behind the steering wheel? Yikes! Hard to believe the humble ’77 Auto Chassis eventually led to this monster.

System I Leg Cars – The very first plastic cars made by Lego weren’t kits, but nicely proportioned HO-scale models. Apparently they didn’t think kids would want to build cars, so they considered them accessories to the houses and other buildings those kids would be creating. They did come in “garage” cases that were compatible with the bricks, however. These models were all based on European prototypes, including such classics as the VW Karmann Ghia. and T1 Bus.

lego wooden busWooden Articulated Bus – The oldest vehicles made by Lego weren’t even plastic. From the 1930s through the early 1960s, Lego made chunky wooden vechicles of all types including this bus. Wooden it be neat to see a modern plastic recreation of this one?

Lego cars span a variety of styles and complexity, providing great fun for builders of all ages. What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

The 10 Best Harry Potter Funko Pop Figures are Pure Magic!

funko pop harry potterJust like the Wizarding World, the world of Harry Potter collectibles is magical and vast. There are so many HP collector items out there that it’s hard to know where to start! We’ve combined two of our loves, Harry Potter and Funko Pop!s, to create a must-have list to simplify your collecting. Once you Pop, it’s hard to know when to stop. But if you must Pop, these are the best Harry Potter Funko Pop figures!

voldemort popVoldemort

Of course, we had to include He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named! A series is only as good as the villain so the Dark Lord made our cut of top HP Funkos — even if he is at number 10 (we hope he takes offense). Don’t stare into those beady eyes for too long or you could end up conjuring the Dark Mark! Add one to your collection if you dare.

Boggart popBoggart As Snape

We didn’t give poor Neville Longbottom a slot on our top 10, BUT, for all Neville supporters, we did include a hilarious and truly well-done Pop of his Boggart-turned-Grandmother. With Professor Lupin’s guidance, Neville was able to thwart the Boggart by picturing it in his Gran’s clothing. The Snape Boggart is memorably one of the funniest moments at Hogwarts! While this Pop! Is super limited (it was only sold at the 2017 New York Comic Con), it’s not too late! We managed to find one to add to your collection.

nearly headless nickNearly-Headless Nick

Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington will never get to join the Headless Hunt but you can add him to your Funko collection and be the envy of your friends. It will be a bigger hit than the living at a Deathday party. Not only is Nearly Headless Nick one of the few translucent Pops but our number eight pick also glows in the dark — no Lumos spell required! Not every Nick out there has this special charm. This one is a 2018 Summer Convention Exclusive Pop. So snatch it up before it disappears.

luna lovegood popLuna Lovegood with Spectre Specs

Luna Lovegood is our Patronus! The eccentric Ravenclaw is not only a fierce friend, she’s kind-hearted and thoughtful too. Any member of Dumbledore’s Army deserves a spot on your shelf so we’re recommending her for our number seven spot! There are many versions of Luna out there (including one in her iconic Lion Hat), but this one is by far our favorite! The Spectre Specs make this pop exceptional–but sadly it was a 2017 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive, which makes it hard to find. You can still track one down but be fast! We’ve located one for sale but you better scoop it up before it’s stolen by a Nargle!

hagrid popHagrid (large)

This Pop is so big, it’s, well, Hagrid sized! The standard Pop may be 3.75 inches tall but Funko had to make Hagrid’s a Super Sized Pop at almost twice that size. Those extra 2.25 inches are needed to capture his big heart. If only Hagrid came as a flocked version, we would put him higher on our list of must-haves.

dobby popDobby

Dobby is a free elf! He’s free to take up residence in your Harry Potter collection! A house-elf no longer, thanks to Harry’s gift of a stinky sock, he’s perfect for adding a little mischief to your HP collection. Harry’s life, and yours too, would be so much less interesting without the “helpful” little guy! From his efforts to free other elves to his outrageous wardrobe– none of it would have been possible without this moment.

hermione sorting hat popHermione with the Sorting Hat

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again, without Hermione Granger, Harry never would make it past the challenges in Philosopher’s Stone! Hermione was infamously almost sorted into the Ravenclaw house instead of Gryffindor during the iconic Hat Sorting ceremony for first-year students. Luckily for everyone in the Potterverse, Hermione became part of the most quintessential Gryffindor trio Hogwarts has ever seen! This 2018 Fall Convention exclusive is thankfully a pretty low-cost exclusive–it doesn’t take a skilled witch or wizard to see that you should grab one before the price climbs!

ron weasley chess popRon playing Wizard’s Chess

Ron may not be known for his book smarts but he can play a heck of a game of Wizard Chess! Ron sacrificed himself to save his besties, Hermione and Harry, during a very intense life-sized version of the dangerous game. Not only is this Pop worth having based solely on its artistic merits alone, but it’s also a beautiful symbol of friendship and courage. We love you, Ron!

harry potter hogwarts popHarry and the Hogwarts Express

We’re cheating a little here since this is actually two Pops in one, but it’s well worth the display space. This Harry Potter Funko rides the Hogwarts Express on his way to his first year at Hogwarts. The beginning of all his adventures start here and it’s where he first meets Ron and Hermione. In fact, Funko didn’t want to break up the trio and even sells Ron and Hermione Funkos in their own Hogwarts Express cars so they can be displayed together! It was a much more innocent time and a moment every Potter fan cherishes.

harry potter pop 1The First Harry Potter Funko

We’re taking it back to the very first-ever Harry Potter Funko Pop ever released, none other than #01 itself, Harry Potter, the original. Our first place pick has all the Harry Potter essentials, glasses, lightning bolt scar, a tie in Gryffindor colors, and a magic wand that we can only assume contains a phoenix feather. If you’re only going to add one Harry Potter Pop to your collection, it should be this one! If not for the character, then for the history it represents. The entire (now giant) line of Harry Potter Funko Pop!s began here. Luckily, they’re still available!