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Meet hobbyDB’s Newest Backers! Part 1; Industry Insiders!

We’re thrilled to have so many new shareholders from so many different walks of life! Some are site super-users, others are people who have worked in the collectibles industry for years and love what we’re doing for collectors! Today we’re featuring some of the latter; a few industry stakeholders who believe in the hobbyDB mission and are now happy to be part of it as shareholders! Oh, and stay tuned to the hobbyDB blog because on Friday we’re featuring some of our amazing users and their even more amazing collections!

If you’re still thinking about whether owning a piece of hobbyDB and our other sites would be right for you, don’t take our word for it! Get to know some of our newest shareholders from the industry and see what some of them have to say…


Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg
Creator & Producer of The Goldbergs

“When you own an 80’s toy collection that could fill the trailers of 10 life-size Optimus Primes, you start to get a little hazy on what items you have and what you still need. I love the hobbyDB concept because it’s perfect for helping me keep track by documenting my collection!”


Andy Goodman
Organizer of the Central Pennsylvania’s Collector Con (& many car shows)

“You have my support, just completed the process with a small investment- least I can do is give back a little to such a great resource that has helped me track my collection for free – having some 1200 pops now it is impossible to remember all that I have and don’t.”


Anita Smith
Founder of Chickluu’s Redline Forum (& Operator of our site The Toy Peddler)

“Because I truly believe hobbyDB is the future for collectors… IT IS!”


Arthur Ward
Book Author on Airfix & Founder of Collecting Friends

“I’m continuously impressed with what the hobbyDB team are doing for collectors like me and for the hobby overall.”


Bruce Pascal
Book Author on Hot Wheels

See Bruce’s Rose Rear Load Beach Bomb listed for sale on The Toy Peddler


Cletus Seldin
Youtube channels on Funko and other pop culture (and we hear the Guinness Book record holder for the largest Funko collection)

“I believe hobbyDB is going to be a worldwide sensation within the collecting community.”


Dov Kelemer
Co-founder of DKE Toys, the largest independent wholesale distributor of designer toys

Dov is helping to explain hobbyDB to cover hundreds of artists, designers, and boutique manufacturers that produce small, limited runs of designer toys and that are not documented anywhere today.


Derryl DePriest
Book Author on GI Joe and Star Wars figures & formerly VP Hasbro

“In the world of collectibles, data is everything – is the bedrock that enables cataloging, tracking, valuation, commerce, and sharing. I believe in the mission and strategy that the hobbyDB team is taking, and proud to be part of the ‘team’ (and I promise that, in time, I will get your my data from The Collectible GI Joe!).”


Fabio Di Pane Masi
Founder of Diecastlovers

“hobbyDB has been a fantastic home for our Diecastlovers community! Tante Grazie!”


Jennifer & Mark Millhollin
Organizer of the Official Hot Wheels conventions

See the Official Archive of The Hot Wheels Annuals Convention


Jim Cowen
CEO of Automodello & Diecasm

“hobbyDB is unparalleled as a model car database – it’s my go-to place for checking to see which cars have been modeled and which haven’t!”

See the Automodello Official Archive on hobbyDB


Jim Garbaczewski
Publisher Hot Wheels Newsletter

“I use hobbyDB mostly for research; there is a vast amount of knowledge by worldwide collectors on this site. I also use it to buy those hard to find pieces and to sell off my extras. It’s simple and easy.”

Jim’s last book that we helped publishing has arrived!


John Smoke
Owner Diecastmodelwholesale

“We are a great supporter of hobbyDB (and the Model Car Hall of Fame where we were inducted as the first Model Car Dealer of the Year in 2017), as it will be good to have a resource showing every model car ever made and also as a good addition to the online retail landscape with a viable alternative to the big ecommerce platforms.”


Mac Ragan
Designer of Johnny Lightning & GreenLight models

“As a toy-car designer (Johnny Lightning and GreenLight brands), collector (1:64 die-cast), and author, I find the international scope of hobbyDB invaluable. For me, the company provides a great research tool and I hope it continues to grow. I rely on it more and more every year!”


Manny Ruiz
CEO Nostalgiacon

“As the founder of a NostalgiaCon events platform that itself leverages all things retro and collectible, I both see the boundless opportunities for hobbyDB and for its owners (me!).”


Matt Oldweiler
Founder of Geepeekay

“I love what Alex and her team at hobbyDB are building for collectors. The creation of a flexible collection-management tool that is not only flexible and robust, but also easily integrated into my site, is something that has never existed before!”


Mike Horn
Founder of Palisades Toys  &  Inductee Pop Culture Hall of Fame

“hobbyDB is the tool that I had been waiting for! I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to become a shareholder as it brings value to all of the players in the collectibles space: IP Owners, Product Makers, and (most importantly) Fans! We’re just getting started here!”


Sergio Goldvarg
Founder Goldvarg Collection

“I have talked to the team over the last 5 years and they started to document my lifework from my first toy company in Argentina to my newest project. I am a big supporter of the hobbyDB project!”


Richard Gottlieb
Toy industry commentator & CEO of the Global Toy Group

Richard is on our Advisory Council, sits on the voting committee for the National Toy Hall of Fame and his company is a Community Supporter of our own Pop Culture Hall of Fame.


William TaylorDirector Auto-Archives  &  Publisher, Coterie-Press Motorcar Publishing

“We are working on plans to document Auto-Archives 300,000 objects on hobbyDB and Coterie-Press is hosting its official archive on the site giving us lots of extra exposure. I love the hobbyDB vision and am proud of being part of making it happen.”

See the Coterie Press Official Archive on hobbyDB (Auto-Archives is still work in progress as there are 400,000 objects to catalog!)


And here you can meet some of our Super Users that have become hobbyDB Owners.

Join us and learn more about the hobbyDB mission and vision at our Wefunder Profile.

Take charge of your collecting experience like never before!

It’s been three weeks since we announced the launch of our crowdfunding campaign. Now with the support of more than 100 backers, we’re uniting to build an army of collectors; one that will be strong enough to influence how the $450 billion collectible and licensing market moves forward. To help ensure we can get there, our goal for the next two weeks is to grow to 500 backers worldwide.

Throughout the campaign so far, we’ve received two important pieces of feedback. The first is that people don’t quite understand what crowdfunding is. The second is if it would be possible to lower the minimum investment. Well I’m here to assure you that we are ready to help with both requests.

First off, what the heck is crowdfunding?

It used to be that investing in awesome projects and great teams (and potentially lots of $$$) was just for the top 1%. But now, thanks to the JOBS Act, EVERYONE gets the opportunity to own a piece of something great that they love! Equity crowdfunding allows anyone to invest in early-stage, pre-IPO companies that they believe will do great things! What this means is that when you invest in hobbyDB, you will actually own a piece of the company. And, if all goes well, have the potential to reap the rewards of the business.

hobbyDB family of brands

The power of 500 backers

hobbyDB is the very first company in its space designed to be owned by collectors and fans!

In the past, we raised funding the more traditional route. But, when we discovered the opportunity of crowdfunding, we decided that we had to give our communities a chance to own what we are all working to build. We believe hobbyDB and its sister brands, PopPriceGuide and The Toy Peddler, get their strength from the powerful communities that are behind them. By uniting collectors and fans of all kinds, we’ll be able to become the ultimate collectible influencers and create a resource that we all love to use. We’re not quite there yet, but with the power of the community behind us, we’ll be able to build and innovate so much faster and develop the tools that the community really wants.

An important piece of helping our community become backers of hobbyDB is making sure that the minimum investment amount isn’t too high. So when some of you told us the $220 minimum wasn’t within your budgets, we heard you loud and clear. So, we lowered the $220 price point minimum to just $110.

By becoming a hobbyDB backer, you’re helping us build the ULTIMATE resource for collectors and fans worldwide. A place where you can explore, track, and most importantly, safely buy and sell collectibles. With your involvement, we’re powering a movement that unites fans across the “collector-verse”, and pays tribute to our shared passions.


Now is your chance to join collectors worldwide in disrupting the $450 billion collectible and fan merch industry. Find out more about the benefits of becoming a hobbyDB backer and our vision at our Wefunder profile.

Need more convincing?

Don’t take our word for it! Get to know some of our newest backers and shareholders and see what some of them have to say…


Also if you haven’t watched the video – check out some of our awesome hobbyDB collectors here –

Meet hobbyDB’s Newest Backers! Part 2; Collector Contributors!

As promised – we wanted to introduce some of our incredible hobbyDB super site users who also just joined the team as owners. One of our favorite parts of working with these incredible folks is the wealth of knowledge that they all bring to hobbyDB. Whether it be adding new collectibles to the database, or listings thousands of items for sale, we’re excited to call these folks part of the hobbyDB family.


If you’re still thinking about whether owning a piece of hobbyDB and our other sites would be right for you, don’t take our word for it! Get to know some of our site power users and see what they have to say…



Hard Rock Collector, Pin Master & member of the Pin Master Advisory Board.

“I am a Hard Rock Pin Collector and hobbyDB has made my hobby great again. This is a great place to log my inventory, sell, trade pin and also learn about other collectable items. I highly recommend them as a place to inventory your collectables.”

See Blossomgirl’s Showcase



Just a big kid having fun with collectibles of all sorts.

“You have my support, just completed the process with a small investment- least I can do is give back a little to such a great resource that has helped me track my collection for free – having some 1200 pops now it is impossible to remember all that I have and don’t.”

See crazycollector’s Showcase


Curator of the France page on hobbyDB and a model cars enthusiast, especially with Matchbox from Lesney ranging from early 1960’s up to early 1990’s.

“hobbyDB is simply the best place for me to live out my model cars obsession!”

See hadrien’s Showcase


Pinmaster / Curator for Hard Rock Cafes Baltimore & Nabq

“hobbyDB is an exciting company & I truly believe that it’s success is inevitable – I want to be part of that success.”

See HRC-Wordwide’s Showcase


Just someone who has rediscovered Hot Wheels and has become a happy but somewhat obsessed collector

Very Helpful! Always reliable for information about buying and selling! A great selling platform!!”

See Jayhow’s Showcase


Pop Price Guide Seller with hundreds of Pop!s for sale.

“I use both hobbyDB and PPG daily. I wanted to be part of an awesome team!”

See Logan49’s Showcase



As a Collector this tool is desperately needed in the market. A personal use and need for hobbyDB has given me great comfort in investing and becoming a part of something AMAZING!!!”

See MeghanP’s Showcase


Founded the Huge Game Database in 1997

“I always preferred documenting then looking after my own site and needed to find a new abode for all the data accumulated and hobbyDB is the ideal new home for it.”

See Meph’s Showcase


“One of the best companies I have worked with”

See PandaMan2007’s Showcase



Collecting pins and precious Hard Rock Cafe related memorabilia since 1995.

To help future collectors have a reliable resource.”

See Pinjim’s Showcase


Collects all sorts of DieCast Cars

“I am one of the Curators on hobbyDB and love what we are all building together. Why would I not want to own some of that!”

See Ptkwr52’s Showcase


And here you can meet some of the Industry Folks that have become hobbyDB Owners.

Join us and learn more about the hobbyDB mission and vision at our Wefunder Profile.