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Direct Checkout and Tokens Now Live on hobbyDB

It’s official – hobbyDB Buyers and Sellers can now interact directly with each other, similar to Facebook and other peer-to-peer marketplaces. Less time spent on us being the middleman and handling marketplace requests means more time spent helping our members have the collector’s experience they want and need.

To learn more about how the Token system works, check out our Token FAQ here.

What this means for our Sellers 

  • No more waiting for seller paydays – you will be paid directly by the buyer.
  • You can offer more competitive pricing – by doing this, your buyers will not be required to pay sales taxes of up to 13.5% as they would on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other marketplaces.
  • Sell Anywhere – As you’ve already paid upfront to list items, there are no further costs. You can then offer your items on a Forum, Facebook or elsewhere. Once you agree on a transaction, you can then ask the buyer to check out via hobbyDB. The idea is to make sales admin much easier (while also enabling the buyer to see more of your sale items).

What this means for our Buyers – 

With the PayPal Purchase Protection Guarantee, PayPal has become a solid tool that buyers can rely on when it comes to disputes. We loved to be able to give you this confidence as well, but with the PayPal Protection, we feel confident that we won’t need to be in the middle any longer.

  • More ways to pay – with the new secure PayPal checkout, you soon will be able to pay for items using Venmo, Bank Transfers (big in Europe) and can already use PayPal credit.
  • Streamlined transactions – since sellers pay for listings upfront, there is a much better chance that they will have your item in stock
  • More control over your full experience – No need to wait for us to help resolve any order issues.
  • Better prices on items – No sales tax if buying from another collector along with cheaper listing fees mean sellers can offer better prices to their customers.


Next Steps

As with any big technology release, there may be a couple small glitches that don’t work exactly how we would like. We are on call and ready to answer your questions and fix any issues that arise. Just click the green contact hobbyDB button located on every page and let us know.

All orders that are placed before Feb. 9 will be handled the same as before. Sellers will continue to receive weekly payments for all orders that were purchased before Feb. 9 as they are fulfilled.

To learn more about how the Token system works, check out our Token FAQ here.

Celebrating the New Year with our Favorite hobbyDB Sellers, including Legion M


Christmas has come and gone with 2020 following right behind it.

We’d like to start the new year by taking a look at some of our favorite sellers, including our good friends and partners over at Legion M.

Still have some holiday money left over? Perhaps that perfect gift is still out there.

Legion M

Legion M kicks off the New Year with deals on some great items dedicated to iconic films ranging from Jay and Silent Bob to Nicolas Cage’s “Mandy,” and much, much more. Peruse the entire Legion M shop here.

Goblin Good Plush

Gobblin GoodAdd it to your hobbyDB Showcase here

Mooby the Golden Calf Plush

Mooby Golden CalfAdd it to your hobbyDB Showcase here

Mandy Chainsaw Scene

Mandy Chainsaw

Add it to your hobbyDB Collection here

hobbyDB Marketplace

Fettbob1 Marketplace

With 80 likes and more than 515 items to choose from, there’s a good chance that the Fettbob1 marketplace has that Funko Pop! figure that you’ve been searching for.


KMJ Diecast

KMJ Diecast is the ultimate garage for diecast cars with more than 14,000 items for sale at 53 percent off!!

55 Chevy Panel Hot Wheels

Guille HRC

Take your Hard Rock Cafe collection global with more than 4,000 pins on sale via the Guille HRC marketplace!

Hard Rock CafeWhat kind of items would you like to see us blog about and highlight on social media? Let us know in the comments below.

If interested in joining the hobbyDB squad to help assign prices, add items and much more, let us know by messaging us at support@hobbyDB.com.


It’s Here! New hobbyDB App now Available via Apple Store

hobbyDB App

You asked and we listened! Introducing our first foray into the world of mobile applications.

Thanks to the hard work of Zack Fisher, hobbyDB partner and Founder of the Toy Collector App, we’re now able to offer our initial app, which we will improve over time. 

Over the years, we’ve asked the community what was most important in terms of an app for collectors. Through those conversations, we learned that the number one requested feature was a UPC Scanner, by far. So ask and you shall receive – 

The hobbyDB App

hobbyDB AppThe new app offers quick access to the hobbyDB and Pop Price Guide websites by utilizing a simple UPC scanner.

If you are a Pop Price Guide member, you will also be able to access your collections through the app on hobbyDB.

When in the app, simply use your camera phone and hover over the UPC code on the collectible’s packaging. Once the barcode is scanned, as long as the UPC code is in the database, you’ll see the matching collectible within the app. From there you can learn more information about the item, see it’s value, and add it to your collection.

In the app, you can then create your own QR code to easily share a custom URL from your personal Showcase.

The app will also grant you direct access to the hobbyDB Blog to keep you up-to-date on all the latest news.

For now, you can download the hobbyDB app from within the Apple Store here.

hobbyDB App

These days, just about every item has a UPC code. The hobbyDB app, which will soon be available on Android devices, will read the barcode with the price sign on it. To ensure accuracy, our squad is continuously adding more UPC codes to the hobbyDB database. But we could always use more help.

As a reminder, this is part of our effort to make the entire mobile experience better and is our initial step into image and text recognition. So we’d like to know what additional features you’d like to see implemented into the mobile experience.

Comment below with your suggestions or message us, along with any questions or concerns, — or if you would like to join our team — at support@hobbyDB.com.

All in the Family: Celebrating the hobbyDB Families that Collect Together

hobbyDB Family

We like to think of ourselves as more than just a collecting community. At hobbyDB we prefer to consider us a collecting family.

They say you collect the things you love. And what better way to collect than with the ones you love the most?

We can’t all be together during these trying times, so we’re taking some time this holiday season to celebrate the hobbyDB families that share their passions together.

Now meet the families…


Javier, Victoria & Adriana Serrano

Javier Serrano

Who do you collect with?

I collect with my two daughters, Victoria and Adriana. But we are waiting for my younger son to join the club.

What do you collect?

Well, Victoria loves the Harry Potter and Stranger Things series. Adriana loves everything related to Funko, from Disney to AD-Icons, but her favorite character is Wonder Woman. My main focus is Horror and Science Fiction Movies, which is my larger collection.

How did it get started, what was your first item?

I have been collecting since my childhood, and now they are the next generation. As you can imagine Victoria’s first Pop! was Harry Potter #1. Adriana started her collection with a wonderful piece, The Invisible Jet with Wonder Woman #16 (Pop! Rides). About myself, that was in May-June, 2015. It’s my love for Tim Burton films that led me to my first two Pop! figures with Edward Scissorhands and Jack Skellington.

How many do you have now?

My daughters probably have more than 100 items, including Pop!, Rock Candy, Dorbz, Pocket Pop! and FunkoVerse. I have some 1,300 items.

What item are you on the lookout for? Grail?

By unanimous decision, as family, we would love to have Hopper (Gold) #512 limited to 40 pieces.

What does Mom think?

My wife thinks we are crazy, especially me. But, after 22 years, I think she begins to understand our hobby a little bit better. Maybe, she will need 22 years more, and she will become a collector too.

What does it mean to you to be able to collect with your kids?

As father and as collector means everything, I cannot explain it with words. It’s wonderful, they are my partners. We have our collector traditions and this year we missed some of them. Before the pandemic, every Saturday morning, we used to go hunting Pop!s, and we hope to recover this family tradition in 2021.

Merry Christmas to all of you.


Zack & Emily Fisher

Zack Fisher

Who do you collect with?

My daughter, Emily, and I collect.

What do you collect?

Her collection is mostly Star Wars (Black Series, Lego Brick Headz, etc)

How did it get started, what was your first item?

I’ve been collecting for 10 years or so….started with I started reminiscing about the toys from my youth: Battle Beasts, Army Ants, Air Raiders, Dino Riders, etc. Emily started mimicking me a couple of years ago, as children often do. Initially she just grabbed random items off my shelves, but in the last year or so started focusing on Star Wars items.

How many do you have now?

Too many and not enough? Probably around 1,000 items currently displayed.

What item are you on the lookout for? Grail?

Baron Jolt and Emperor Aerozar are currently at the top of my grail list… two mail away Air Raiders.

What does Mom think?

She has always been very supportive….she figures it’s healthier than drinking or smoking!


Christian  & Nikolai Braun

Christian Braun

Who do you collect with?

I am collecting with my 13-year-old son Nikolai.

What do you collect?

We are into Lego and are a member of COWLUG (the Colorado and Wyoming Lego User Group). He did build and participated in their exhibition.

How many do you have now, what are you on the lookout for?

We got about 20 cubic meters of Lego and would love to get our hands on a Millennium Falcon.

What does Mom think?

We sometimes allow my wife and daughter to join in the fun (in particular sorting and searching for pieces.


Gregg Ambach & the Ambach Family

Greg Ambach

Who do you collect with?

Primarily me. My son has a few, but thinks I am nuts. My daughter has more (RBG being a favorite) and at least seems to understand me.

What do you collect?

Mainly Marvel and Star Wars with a fair amount of old school animation (Disney, Hanna Barbera) 

When did you start?

It started when my wife bought me some Star Wars (Yoda, C3PO, R2D2 and Darth Vader) for my office.

How many do you have?

Currently have about 1,300. Really want the original Avengers set. My wife is a classic enabler – always on the lookout, but quick to point out this is my mania!!

What does it mean to be able to collect with your family?

It’s nice to be able to find Pops I think my kids will like or will mean something to them. And I’m happy to prove that their dad is more than a little crazy!


Christopher & Beckett Wuensch


Who do you collect with?

My youngest daughter Beckett.

What do you collect?

We collect Funko, mostly Star Wars, Marvel and Fortnite.

How did it get started, what was your first item?

Our first was a Boba Fett Wacky Wobbler. It’s funny, we had him years before we even knew what Funko was.

How many do you have now?

Our collection is modest around 30. But we collect what we love and only buy Pops of our favorite characters. Hers is the Black Panther, while mine is Bruce Banner (Infinity War).

What item are you on the lookout for? Grail?

Darth Maul. It doesn’t even have to be Holographic Darth Maul, haha. He’s our favorite and our collection needs him.

What does Mom think?

We bought Mom an Owen Grady Pop! figure, so now she’s happy. She is a bit confused as to why we save some of our boxes.

What does it mean to you to be able to collect with your kids?

It’s everything. I grew up collecting baseball cards and original Kenner Star Wars figures. I will never forget the first day I opened my Darth Vader figure case to show her. Her face lit up and she was forever hooked.



Do you and your family collect together? Show off your collection with us by answering the above questions and sending a photo of yourselves and your collection to support@hobbydb.com. Happy holidays from the hobbyDB family!!

hobbyDB Crowdfunding Round 2 Draws to a Close: Thank You, Collecting Community

Hard Rock

The latest round of the hobbyDB crowdfunding has come to a close and we cannot thank the collecting community enough.

We exceeded our expectations, courtesy of 316 new and re-investors who joined close to now 1,000 community members in owning a piece of the hobbyDB family of brands.

SmurfThese investments will help us continue to create the ultimate resource and community for collectors worldwide.

Did you miss out on this period of crowdfunding? Worry not. We’re looking to re-open a new round this spring. We want to make sure our members always have a chance to own a site that they use and help build. Details to follow in the coming months.

Thank you again to all our new investors.

Please make sure to reach out to us with any questions or concerns by sending a message to support@hobbydb.com or by clicking on the green Contact hobbyDB button located on the right side of every page.