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Saying Goodbye to Hot Wheels and Mattel Designer Ryu Asada

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We’re heartbroken to learn of the passing of Ryu Asada.

The 42-year-old was an accomplished designer for Hot Wheels and Mattel working on more than 150 different diecast versions since rolling out his original Gearonimo model in 2009.

Ryu spent 17 years as a designer often drawing inspiration from his Japanese heritage, particularly with JDM diecast vehicles.

He was a giant in the industry and will be sorely missed.

See all of Ryu’s models currently on hobbyDB and read more on his career here.

Getting Hot Wheels Listings Right – Part II

After Part 1 (read it here) and our recent work on Better Sorting and Filtering (more on that here) this is the final part of fixing our Hot Wheels Database Items.  We have more Hot Wheels pages than any other website out there and by quite a margin.  While that is great it also created issues in finding the right page.   Rob and others are working hard to continue to subvariant (which is Part I) and we have started two more projects.

Cleaning up Subjects

Annual Hot Wheels Subjects were useful before we introduced the new Date Filters in the Database and Marketplace.  Now they are obsolete, create too many Search results in Subject searches and often don’t have an image or description.  We are now merging them into their Parent Subjects.  Here is an example  –

Members can just use our new filters (Brands, Series, Production Status, Release Date and more) to for example just show Night Burnerz from 2014 to 2016 and sort them by Release Dates.  We already removed more than 200 of these surplus Subjects with another 1,500 or so to go (we do the same for Matchbox).

Fixing Reference Numbers

Hot Wheels (and Matchbox since they are owned by Mattel) have a bewildering reference number system.  Many of them have 3 numbers that look like this Collector # 282/365, Series 4/5, Toy # FJV61.  We recently introduced the Manufacturer ID that can house what Mattel coins the Toy Number, so here FJV61 (no need to use the # character).  The Manufacturer ID can be searched for.  That leaves the first two numbers that we need to discuss.  Series like the 2018 Mopars that have only one Reference # already sort nicely  –


Lastly, Squad Members have been adding more UPC Barcodes (a particular thanks to Kirk from KMJ Diecast for doing this).  That means that Hot Wheels collectors can start to check Hot Wheels with our App (we got both Android and iOS versions now).

That leaves only some cleaning up from the Subvariant Project (for example removing separate fields for Baseplate Material, Interior Color or Window Color as these are only really relevant if there are say the same model with creme or light blue interior and those would be marked well as Subvariants) and the ability to deselect certain Production Statuses from view (say Customs, Errors and Prototypes).


Please let us have your comments here or if you are a Volunteer in our Facebook group.

The Longest Hot Wheels Track Ever

Here at the hobbyDB team we like toys and have good memories of having run Hot Wheels tracks as children.   And who want to have the longest track?  Here is the author at his first attempt 50 years ago (with what looks like some Tootsie Toys… not really suitable for a long track – still had a lot to learn!).


Many tried, like this valiant attempt at the 2009 Wild-Weekend of Hot Wheels  –


Hot Wheels even tried itself sometimes in the early 1970s as Larry Wood told on one of our Fire Side Chats (the attempt failed as they tried the track in the hot Californian sun with the track buckling).  There were some official records and then in the 3 years the pace increased.

25 August 2018 the local division of Mattel.tried again and set the record in Zaryadye Park in Moscow with a track that stretches 1,838 feet 3.05 inches (560.30 meters)  –


Then a year on  21 November 2019 Joey Logani (the 2018 NASCAR Cup champion) broke it with 1941 feet (592 meters)  –


And another year later, on 4 August 2020, the Australians got into the act, the Fitzy & Wippa Show in Sydney track was 2,464 feet and 4 inches long (751.13 metres)  –


We think that is all lame.  We also do not like the use of Boosters  –


Who had those as a child?  It is all about natural gravity…  And as we are headquartered just outside the Mile High City  –


We plan to do a 1 Mile track with no Boosters…  and not a single lane, but two lanes (it is a race after all!).  And then race it in style, maybe with these  –

So if Mattel will give us the track (or somebody has $30,000 that they like to invest in something fun) then we will build it here  –

The path from Nederlands to Boulder


Or here –

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, also known as
The Race to the Clouds has the coolest track in the world 


And we already have a logo….

Getting Hot Wheels Listings Right – Part 1

Hot Wheels is believed to be the most collected diecast brand, ever. It is also most likely the best-researched one. And the one that for sure has the most variations – card differences, stickers, decals, interior colors and many other details make Hot Wheels such an exciting area!  It also created pages and pages of full of Database Items which in turn made it hard to find what users were looking for.

Thanks to Rob Graves we are finally fixing that.  He is currently working his way through our 50,000 Hot Wheels pages sorting them.

The Datsun Bluebird 510 casting is a great example of his work.  You can now all see all 30 Variants sorted by Name, Reference Number, Production Date, Date added to hobbyDB and Estimated Value and we plan to add more sort options, like owned by most members or most wanted.

Here for example sorted by Production Date, Oldest First  –


And here sorted by Estimated Value  –


Subvariants like Wheel Variations or Card Variations are at a lower level (here for example two Wheel Variations or a total of four Subvariants  –


We have already moved Errors to the lower level of Subvariants and plan to also similarly “hide” Customs and Prototypes (i.e.make them accessible to the users that want to see them but not to others).  Oh, and add Price Points so that we can calculate Estimated Values for EVERY Hot Wheels! Get in touch if you like to help with any of this.

Newly Added This Week to the hobbyDB Database…Funko, Tomica and More!


It was another busy week here at hobbyDB as we recently crossed the threshold of 500,000 items added to our database. And more is on the way with new items added hourly.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite additions to the hobbyDB database this week.

Hot Wheels

There were plenty of new additions this week from the world of Hot Wheels. Among the freshly uploaded items are 2019 Hot Wheels 5-Packs, including the outrageous Sharkruiser.

Hot Wheels


You’ll also find new items in the catalog from both 2013 and 2002 Mainline sets.

Hot Wheels

2002 Mainline – 1971 Plymouth GTX

Hot Wheels

2013 Mainline – Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera

See all the latest from Hot Wheels here.


Our Funko collection took on an 80s theme this week with the addition of Marty McFly with Hoverboard, a new wave of Starship Troopers and a set dedicated to the sci-fi television series “V.”

Back to the Future

Walmart exclusive

Starship Troopers

Starship Troopers Warrior Bug

Pop! Television

V – Alien Exposed

The self-titled Black Sabbath record received the vinyl treatment in the form of a Pop! Albums release. The Office found itself shrunken to Mystery Mini size.

Pop! Albums

Black Sabbath – Pop! Albums

The Office

The Office Mystery Minis – Kevin Malone

But the highlight of the week is arguably Funko’s new Pop! WandaVision collection. The latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes with six new Pop! figures of Wanda and Vision that span several generations.


Halloween Wanda


50s Vision


Peruse the latest from Funko here.

Hard Rock Café Pins

The Hard Rock Café Pins came rolling in this week once again, ranging from Africa to Miami, Vienna and throughout the entire globe. Here are some of our favorites from the week and make sure to check out the entire Hard Rock Café Pin database here.

Hard Rock Cafe Pins

City Amp – Vienna


Hard Rock Cafe Pins

Freedom Day Double Neck Guitar

Hard Rock Cafe

Martini Glass Girl – Limited edition HRC Miami 2018

Shop Hard Rock Café Pins here.

Print Ads

Print ads are the rage on hobbyDB right now with many added to the database this week. Speaking of Marty McFly, The DeLorean can be found among the new print ads. Check them all out here.

Print Ads

hobbyDB Pick of the Week

We’re all looking forward to next year. Tomica revs up some excitement with its New Year 2021 collection. The six-vehicle set comes with tradition New Year wishes and can now be found on hobbyDB.


TomicaWe’re always looking for enthusiasts to join our volunteer squad. If interested, let us know by messaging us at or by clicking the green Contact hobbyDB button on the right side of every page.