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Why should I Manage my Collectibles? (Besides the Obvious…)

by Ron Ruelle

by Ron Ruelle

Among the great mysteries of life: “Who really built the pyramids?” “What happens when we die?” and “Do I have that 1:18 scale 1970 Chevelle SS model in orange, and if so, does it have black stripes or white, and, where did I store it and what did I pay for it?”

My father-in-law collected die cast models. A LOT of them. He amassed thousands of Dinky, Corgi, Solido, and other cars, mostly 1:43 scale. And almost all of them were still in their packaging. Since there wasn’t room to display them all, most were in storage and got shuffled around over the years.

Don't let your loved ones mistake your collectibles for a pile of trash!

Don’t let your loved ones mistake your collectibles for a pile of trash!

When he died, no one was sure what to make of the collection. I got the job of processing the lot but had no idea what was in all those boxes or what they might be worth. Then I found a binder of his records: reference numbers, where and when he bought them, what he paid, and notes on what might make a particular model special or rare. And a guide to which boxes contained what models.

I kept some of my favorites, but most of them were sold at an antique store or online. Without those notes, I would have badly underpriced a lot of it.

Wouldn’t it be neat if you could keep track of your collection online, with detailed, searchable information? At hobbyDB, we are on a mission to help make collection management easier. Thousands of model vehicles are already in our database, so with a few clicks, you can add them to your own list. You can also put other models and variations in the catalog if they aren’t listed. And if your collection is as big as his was, there are places to list condition, storage and prices too.

Of course, collection management isn’t just for afterlife purposes. All this information will help you enjoy your collection in the here and now and assist you in buying and selling as well.

So we’ve answered two of life’s great questions. Not sure about those pyramids, though…

The Catalog of Catalogs

Remember opening that box of Lego blocks and finding the instructions and maybe another booklet… a catalog of other Lego sets that were available? It was hard to decide: Play with those bricks right now or tear through that book and see what set you wanted to get next!

catalogsToy catalogs are a hot accessory to go along with your favorite collectibles. Several vintage and international Lego catalogs have been added to hobbyDB lately, but they’re not the only ones. Hot Wheels, Hubley, Schuco, and Matchbox are just a few catalogs on the site.

And auction catalogs, such as Christie’s, are a fun to see some really high-end collectibles.

You can easily spend hours digging through our catalog of catalogs as well.

Matchbooks are the Hot New Collectible at hobbyDB

matchbookhobbyDB has added Matchbooks as our latest area of collectibles (not to be confused with Matchbox vehciles, of course). It seems like every restaurant, casino, hotel and bar used to have their own custom matchbooks, so there are thousands… maybe millions of different versions to be seen.

Dorri Partain will be our Subject Manager for this section, and we look forward to her adding her massive collection to the site. You can see her blog here. Of course, if you have a burning desire to add your own, we want to see those as well.

Getting Started at hobbyDB

New to hobbyDB? Here’s our quick start guide!

Finding collectible items is easy on our site. Just go to the search window at the top of any page and punch in a few words! You can now browse our huge database of collectibles.

Our search function is easy to use. And you can do a lot more at our site when you create an account.

Our search function is easy to use. And you can do a lot more at our site when you create an account.

You can do a lot more than just look… Start by logging into your account (or create one if you haven’t yet… it’s fast and free!).

Now you can add items to our catalog by clicking the Add To Catalog button. Or you can add variations (such as a different color or different wheels) to an already listed model with the Create Variant button.
Every item you add helps us fill up our fast growing database!

There are several ways to add an item to our catalog if it's not already there.

There are several ways to add an item to our catalog if it’s not already there.

You use hobbyDB to keep track of your collection… Mark items that you have in your collection by hitting the I Have This button when you see it on our site. And if you want to let the world know you are looking for one, you can hit I Want This.

We also have a marketplace for collectibles at hobbyDB. Look here for a quick guide to buying or selling collectibles.You’ll be up and running in no time!

Free Shipping on ACME Trading Company models at hobbyDB!


To celebrate hobbyDB’s new marketplace for buying and selling diecast and other collectibles, the folks at ACME Trading Company are making a fantastic offer… The first five 1:18 scale ACME diecast car models sold at hobbyDB will come with FREE SHIPPING…ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

They have several of their super-detailed models up for sale right now, including a ’32 Ford 5-Window Hot Rod, a ’65 Malibu SS, a ’68 Shelby GT-300 KR, a ’70 Chevelle SS, and a ’72 Cutlass 442 W30. The detail and accuracy on these models is staggering, and they have about as many working features as the automobiles they are based on.

1932 _Ford 1965_Chevrolet_Malibu_SS_Model_Cars_aaed154e-1507-4f26-996c-2738fe01bdee 1968_Shelby_GT500_KR_Model_Cars_bc2fa35e-1aae-4b51-9f13-2cf271fe7ffd 1970_Chevrolet_Chevelle__Model_Cars_bca3a2c1-5807-4253-9216-a5e9a04b79e9 1972_Oldsmobile_442_W30_Model_Cars_56e136d6-39c0-49f0-b704-99bf31539764

You can browse our entire catalog at, or jump right on this particular deal here.  But hurry, this deal won’t last long!