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Diecast Collector bkalland Enjoys Success On hobbyDB and scOOmer

Like many diecast collectors, Charles “Bud” Kalland started collecting a few favorites, mostly Ford high-performance models, and the hobby quickly mushroomed into an obsession. Also like many collectors, trading and selling a few extras became something of a business. And then it became his main business.

“My collecting over the years became a habit by holding on to items from trinket toys to classic cars,” he explained. “As my two sons grew up, there were toys that were cherished and played with and occasionally set aside for the future. At first it was trains. Then it was model diecast metal car kits of fantastic ‘Classic’ cars.”

He still has still have several Hubley kits from the late 1940s. When his sons wanted toy cars to play with in the 1960s, he bought them Hot Wheels cars because they wanted fast cars. “I still have some of those early redlines,” he said. “Serious diecast car collecting started in the ‘80s when his youngest son suggested he should start looking for special cars as he traveled the country on business.

As his collection grew, he started selling out of necessity to thin out his stash. “If I wanted to continue the hunt for special cars, I needed to sell something to make space for new ones. I’ve also changed the scale of my wants. If I want the highly detailed 1/18 scale casting, I better sell at least 10 1/64 scale cars. Yes, scale really matters.”

bud kalland

When he retired from his job, selling diecast became his new career. “I’m an early riser due to my ranching experience as a child,” Bud said. “If hunting brick and mortar stores in the early mornings is work, then that is my career now.”

He was impressed not only as a seller, but also as a collector. “Of all the internet sites I’m acquainted with, hobbyDB suits my interest best,” he said. “Facebook and social websites are a mess for accuracy, manufacturers are nice but it’s only about their brands. For me the internet isn’t just about entertainment, its mostly about accurate information.”

hot wheels store

Bud has found success selling on scOOmer as well as in his store on hobbyDB.

As for collecting, he is first and foremost a Ford guy. “It has to be Ford related. I would guess that a GT 40 or Shelby Daytona could be considered my favorite models.” He’s willing to look at other marques of course, if the model appeals to him, of course. “I have many Hot Wheels from conventions that are signed by designers, but most importantly by Larry Wood.” His favorite signed item is a Classic series Hot Wheels Firebird Funny car from the only Hot Wheels’ Regional convention ever held in San Antonio.

Bud collects other brands of diecast as besides Hot Wheels. Among the most prized items in his collection are “a pair of M2 Shelby prototypes that were sent me by Sean Taylor with a personal letter of explanation.”

bud kalland

And yes, he enjoys 1/1 scale cars as well. “I’ve owned Shelby cars, Excaliburs, Jaguars and even a Peugeot,” he said. “Over the last 10 years I’ve been enjoying cruising in my highly customized Mustang GT. It was a show car for a few years. Then came a Shelby shop suspension and transmission overhaul… then leaded custom body work, then custom flamed paint job… I’ve  often said, ‘this car talks to me.’”

Next time you’re cruising scOOmer or hobbyDB, stop by his store and say hello!

scOOmer and hobbyDB partner to make it easier than ever to buy and sell collectibles Logo

Some exciting changes have been going on in the world of collectibles. Two industry players are coming together to provide a super powered marketplace that caters specifically to collectors. A well-established member of this area, scOOmer is primarily known as a place where enthusiasts, hobbyists, and collectors can meet to buy and sell. Meanwhile industry newcomer hobbyDB is trying to document every single collectible ever made. So it’s only natural the two companies would come together to build a new, innovative experience for collectors. What does this mean for collectible buyers and sellers? Powered by the unparalleled data in the hobbyDB catalog, scOOmer will now showcase 6X more inventory for 3X the buying audience.

scoomer car

Scoomer is also known for making some awesome Customs (here one of Bryan Pope’s), a tradition that we would like to continue!

Both teams worked hard to ensure the change is as seamless as possible for the community. scOOmer will continue to be a standalone site, but will now be managed by a full time, dedicated team of collectors who will be able to offer excellent customer service and innovative marketplace technology. scOOmer will also still retain its classic appearance (with just a little modernization design-wise!) with the only difference being that customers will now check-out using hobbyDB’s secure payment system, helping to streamline the payment process and make it significantly easier to buy multiple items at once. To do all this, the only thing customers will need is a free hobbyDB account, which you can sign-up for here.

One of the other major benefits that comes with scOOmer being powered by hobbyDB is that sellers will also have access to a variety of features on hobbyDB that scOOmer did not have. Such as

  • A super easy, streamlined listing process that will automatically list items on both hobbyDB and scOOmer (giving sellers access to 3X the customer base)
  • The ability to sell multiple quantities of the same item
  • The option to organize your store however you’d like, including setting multi-level categories and featured items within your store
  • The option to offer your customers customized coupons and/or discounts
  • An email capture, so you have the option to send personalized email updates about sales and new inventory.
  • A unique storefront url, so it really is like having your own little piece of the web

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.14.59 AMDiecast Demon, a prominent scOOmer seller “loves that the buying experience has become even better, and that listing items is now much faster than it’s ever been.”  


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