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hobbyDB & Museums Make a Perfect Combination

hobbyDB & Museums Make a Perfect Combination
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Musings by Joschik

Visiting museums is one of my favorite pastimes and I’ve been to more than 400 of them (including personal collections that are so extensive and well-displayed that I count them as museums!) Museums play an important part in promoting collecting and I think hobbyDB can add enormous value to them as part of the collecting […]

The Futureeeeee…. What’s Coming to hobbyDB in 2018

The Futureeeeee…. What’s Coming to hobbyDB in 2018

Thanks for an incredible 2017 Here at hobbyDB, we couldn’t do what we do without the support of our fellow collectors. So thanks for helping to make 2017 such a great year. From more than 100,000 new price points added to our new price guide in December alone, to an entirely new marketplace experience, we’ll […]

Diecast Collector bkalland Enjoys Success On hobbyDB and scOOmer

Like many diecast collectors, Charles “Bud” Kalland started collecting a few favorites, mostly Ford high-performance models, and the hobby quickly mushroomed into an obsession. Also like many collectors, trading and selling a few extras became something of a business. And then it became his main business. “My collecting over the years became a habit by […]

ABC Brianza Teams Shows Off its Archives on hobbyDB

ABC Brianza Teams Shows Off its Archives on hobbyDB

ABC Brianza is the latest company to host its online archives at hobbyDB. Their niche is high-quality, low-volume models of cars that few other companies are making. Scales range from 1:43 to 1:10, made of resin with white metal details and photo-etched details. The company started in 1973 with hand-built models by Carlo Brianza. “He […]

Scale18 Plus hobbyDB Equals Thousands of 1/18 Models

A huge database of large diecast is now available at hobbyDB., a longtime forum for listing and discussing 1/18 scale models, is partnering with hobbyDB. How large? Over 26,000 1/18 scale models! As a result, we now have the by far most comprehensive database of large diecast vehicles you will ever see, and Scale18 has […]

Coterie Press Signs On With hobbyDB

Specialist automotive publisher Coterie Press is hobbyDB’s latest partner, bringing its archives and information to the database. Even if you’re not yet familiar with Coterie Press, you’ll definitely know all about the subjects of its books. Ferrari, Lotus, McLaren and other prominent European marques, all with a strong racing heritage are all covered extensively. Lotus is a particular […]

Auto-Archives To Host Digital Library at hobbyDB

If you’re a car nut, you’ve probably visited a number of automotive museums. But have you ever been to an automotive library? If you haven’t, you need to visit Auto-Archives, in Denver, Colorado. “Our mission is to preserve and document the rich history of the automobile, and provide both a physical and virtual resource for […]

hobbyDB Collectibles Database Zooms Past 200,000 Entries

hobbyDB Collectibles Database Zooms Past 200,000 Entries

The collection just keeps growing at hobbyDB! Our database of anything and everything collectible just blew past the 200,000 item mark this past week, with the addition of the Minichamps James Bond Mustang Mach 1. The milestone came and went so quickly we barely had time to stop and notice! It took 13 months to […]

hobbyDB’s Brand Partnerships Help Support Collectible Brands

Everybody needs a little support now and again, and the manufacturers who make our favorite models are no exception. Margins are getting smaller, raw materials, production costs and labor more expensive, even in China. The cost of designing, tooling, manufacturing and marketing new models have never been higher. Like all you other collectors out there, […]

scOOmer and hobbyDB partner to make it easier than ever to buy and sell collectibles

Some exciting changes have been going on in the world of collectibles. Two industry players are coming together to provide a super powered marketplace that caters specifically to collectors. A well-established member of this area, scOOmer is primarily known as a place where enthusiasts, hobbyists, and collectors can meet to buy and sell. Meanwhile industry […]

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