Signed, Sealed, Collected – Autographs are Coming to hobbyDB

When is a baseball not just a baseball?

Definitely when it is signed by Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe!  This is only known signed item by this married couple!  It was sold in 2006 by Heritage Auctions for $191,000 and then again this summer by the same auction house for #384,000…  Overall autographs have become ever more important to collectors and there is not a single weekend that goes by without a number of signing events.

Since it’s important to our community, it’s important to us. So, we believe we have found a good way to document autographed items in the database.

We’ve provided some examples below.

Here is the Funko Pop! for Bobby Singer, standard and autographed by the Bobby Singer actor Jim Beaver  –


The 2002 Hot Wheels Toy Fair Special, the Maelstrom as standard and signed by the designer of the casting and the designer of the decoration  –


Or the Star Wars Original Soundtrack from 1977, including one signed by the director, composer, and all the main actors!


Just search for “Autographed Chevy Chase” and find already 3 items signed by the comedian! Then just click the one you like  –

We have our first 1,000 autographed items on the database. This is where you come in!  Help us add more and manage your collection of autographs for free on hobbyDB! Reply below or message us at to get involved today!

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2 years ago

I’m excited for autographs to be added to PPG! This is the bulk of my collection and to see a value on them definitely makes me happy!

2 years ago

Got to add my Michael Schumacher and other signed items!

Richard Kloosterboer
Richard Kloosterboer
2 years ago

Not listed yet, but I have some books from a Japanese television show called Sakura Gakuin (School of Blossoms). A growth period from 10-15yo where the girls get to learn and hone their talents in the entertainment industry.
The student graduates at 15yo with a Nendo photobook diary, with interviews and what they achieved during the years.
These books come in limited numbers, however, some are signed.
Value is subjective to popularity. The leadsinger of metalband Nakamoto Suzuka (Su-metal) graduation book is a high valued item. But a lot of the other years are not as some of these girls have made their mark elsewhere.
Miyoshi Ayaka is a supermodel, actress, director, producer, dancer, singer and I have her autograph too from her graduation book along with singer/songwriter Muto Ayami and supermodel/actress Matsui Airi.
Sadly some have left the entertainment business to follow a different career path.
As I understand it, Japan encourages students to choose a career that they are aptcto succeed in.
Sukisaki Nene for example went into medicine, is now a nurse, but might be studying to become a doctor.
For some reason Japanese are very private when they are no longer in the limelight.
Sakura Gakuin show ran from 2010 to 2020. A 10 year anniversary project marked the end of an era.

2 years ago

I’d like to help out and have my autographed POPs added to the database please.

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